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  1. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    (Posting just in case this helps any one) In the past month I've reintroduced eggs - fine. Rotisserie chicken - lots of intestinal distress but I don't know what was in it (I was at a friend's and this is what she served). But it was in a salad so maybe the greens were off in some way? I will try it again eventually, but on its own. Nuts - almonds and pistachios - fine. Soy on its own - fine. Cold cuts - Boars head turkey and Applegate farms salami - fine. Peanuts and peanut butter - fine. Canola and safflower oil - fine. Fajitas - fine with lots of onions/peppers. Gluten-free grains - Oatmeal and gf pretzels with rice/corn/etc - fine. Stevia (minimal amount already in some Yogi tea, not added) - fine. I did have raspberry sorbet one day - no ill effects, no cravings. So delicious and a real treat...but I'm not in a hurry to do it again. I'll wait for another special occasion! Next up - legumes other than soy or peanuts, so beans. Then dairy (I'll do butter again first, then cheese, then maybe ice cream? or milk?), gluten, wine, and anything else I may have missed. I had hoped to be done by the end of the summer, but if I break out the dairy it may take longer...but I'm near the finish line! Then I'll see what I want to add to my life on a regular basis (I love peanut butter, cold cuts can make life easier) and go from there. But. I still don't intend to make soy/seed oils/grains a part of my daily life any time soon. I've lost 15 more pounds since I finished the W30 and I have many more to go...and eating fairly clean makes me feel good! But if I'm ever in a bind I know I can have a little soy in something or some rice at a party and, I guess.
  2. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    It's been about 6 weeks since I posted. Taking 3 or so probiotics daily, and still taking the magnesium. I have reintroduced several things. Limited amounts of sugar in things like ketchup or a maple glaze on salmon - fine. No cravings, no highs. Sweet potatoes and avocado - fine. Onions and garlic - fine so far but I didn't have that much. Red peppers - also fine in small amounts. Eventually I will have something like fajitas where I usually eat lots of peppers/onions/garlic and then I'll see what I think. Rice - fine. Raw veg - ok in small amounts, as far as I can tell. Soy and msg - not fine. Corn - definitely not fine. Today I am reintroducing eggs. I have high hopes as I really miss them!!
  3. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    So today is Day 61 and I am reintroducing - raw veg. It's been about 3 weeks since I had any! I will have a salad and see how it goes. I am hoping for no trouble with occasional salads at least. It's so easy to order one when I'm out!! Next...sugar or soy.
  4. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    It's Day 58 and I've been having pretty normal poops for 10 days now. So I think I will start introductions next week!!
  5. LizaQ

    Starting soon!!

    How fun! My husband and children are supportive but not interested in joining me.
  6. LizaQ

    Too much Eggs and Red Meat

    I just had breakfast - fresh spinach (about 2 cups cooked) simmered in olive oil and bone broth with about 3/4 cup leftover ground turkey and a sprinkle of salt and pepper on top. Truly - anything can be breakfast!!
  7. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    @ShannonM816 - I started the probiotics after the D and I am slowly working myself up to a full dose. The magnesium was, I think, started after the first D but before the second. I have been having diarrhea 1-3x per week for about a month now so I can't know if it was caused by the complicated! Thanks - I will keep an eye on it. I am still keeping a daily journal of my food, symptoms, and when I do something new, like the supplements or yoga, so I should be able to see any changes as they happen.
  8. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    So - today is Day 45. I've added 2 supplements - magnesium (for my sleep and leg pain) and a probiotic. I had diarrhea twice this week, even with cutting out all of the FOD MAPS. Eating lots of sauteed meat/veg with a little bone broth and extra fat. Not exactly soups but, well, so far it all tastes pretty good. The pink salt is fine. This has gone on long enough that I am craving regular food. Not sugar or even carbs for their own sake. Just simple and easy stuff. Like some chips and red peppers with salsa or guacamole or a granola bar or a big salad with blue cheese dressing. I miss simplicity. No..that's only part of it. I miss not having to think so much! All of this cooking and planning uses up a lot of my brain, iykwim. I'm still hoping that by Day 60 I will see some more improvement!
  9. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    I cut out eggs, along with nightshades, a few weeks ago in preparation for the AIP. I think I cut all of the FOD-MAPs last week - I'll be double-checking today. I had soup for breakfast - bone broth, water, leftover chicken and chicken apple sausage, spinach, carrots, green beans. And pink salt! It was not bad at all. I can do this!
  10. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    @Marj K This link looks awesome - thanks!! yes. I also find that I have to double check the lists every time I go shopping. Today I bought turnips and next time I will try parsnips. I've had them in soups and stews before so I will see if I can figure out a way to make them as sides. It will be nice to have a new veg! And I bought canned salmon. And I have bone broth that a friend made me. And a whole chicken with which to make my own! I also bought the dreaded pink salt, lol. I want to be as AIP compliant while watching those FOD-MAPS as possible for the next two weeks.
  11. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    @Marj K Hey. A few things. I am trying to stick to one resource so I won't get confused so I chose Paleo Mom. She links to a particular FOD-MAP chart so that is the one I am going by. I'm already a little bored of my food. Plus - Paleo Mom's AIP says no salt, try Himalayan Pink Salt and I am just rebelling on that one. Somehow, buying Himalayan Pink Salt just strikes me as so trendy and ridiculous. Oh - I could also try Celtic Grey Salt! AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH! I just want to eat food again. With salt. I guess I'll be pricing pink and grey salt next. Laughing at myself now. Hope things are going well for you!!
  12. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    Well. As of tomorrow I will have cut all Nightshades as well as Fod-Maps (I finished the last cauliflower this morning) out of my diet. Now I need to start introducing AIP stuff - organ meat, fish, fermented food, glycine-rich food. I am really struggling becasue I think most of that food is nasty. I can get supplements that address all of those nutrients/issues....but I can't imagine that it would be a good thing to start a whole bunch of supplements at once. Trying homemade bone broth first. Then canned salmon. I think those won't be bad. But liver/offal? Looking at liver pills. Fermented foods beyond a few pickles, if I can find them AIP friendly? Pro-biotics seem way better than that. So some new foods and some supplements. Another week to get that started up....that will get me to Day 45 or so. Then 2 weeks solid on the AIP+- that puts me at around Day 60. So that's my goal - to see if I can get my bathroom issues under control and be ready to reintroduce stuff then! I'm grumpy but hopeful.
  13. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    Oh @ShannonM816 Thanks so much! I was reading the through the Paleo Mom site and looking at her book, so I do feel better about going that way since you also recommended it. Today is Day 31. I'm just going to stay W30 till I finish my research and have a plan. I like your idea of not stressing. And I especially like the idea of garlic-infused oil!
  14. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    I've been researching and I am SO SAD. Just looking at the list of Nightshades plus eggs plus the FODMAP has me so discouraged. The W30 has been fairly easy but getting rid of so many things that I eat daily - Tomatoes and Red Peppers! Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts! Mayo and Guacamole! ONIONS and GARLIC! But my (tmi) issues have gotten worse - 3x bms today, 2 of which were diarrhea. The excema has spread. Ok. I can do this. This weekend will have to be figuring out some new staples. Oh no - just thought of something! HOW I am going to get enough fat when I can't stand olives and can't have mayo, guac, or nuts? Can I just eat coconut oil? Pour oil over my food? Now I'm laughing because it's better than crying. Maybe I should just stay on the regular W30 for another week or 2? It would be a lot easier...but it might just be prolonging the inevitable. I hope someone reads this and can at least give me some sympathy if not advice.
  15. LizaQ

    Planning my reintroduction

    Well - I just found out that my unexplained rash is not exactly an allergy - it's excema. That make autoimmune issue #2 for me - I also have RA. That plus the fact that my digestion may or may not be settled..I need to wait before I reintroduce. So - mods like @ShannonM816 and @SugarcubeOD and anyone else with an opinion lol.... I think I would like to stay Whole 30 till I research the AIP and then do that for a while. It seems to me that I should stay away from anything potentially problematic until I have worked through several more foods. My aches/pains have been less so I know that some of what I was eating before W30 contributed to that issue so this has been a good start... Arrrgghhh. I'm frustrated.