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  1. Hey there, Day 20 and I’m feeling great! @Keepnfaith I feel you on the shake. I’ve probaby been downing a lot more almond butter than I should be but it’s still a vast improvement from how I usually eat so I’ll take it. Plus I’m starting to feel like this is not a 30 day thing for me but more of a long term lifestyle change for me (fingers crossed). How everyone else holding up? Hope you’re all keeping strong!
  2. Hey there! We are at the halfway point now. How’s everyone holding up? I’m feeling good but have been slacking on meal prep the last couple of days which has made things difficult. How’s everyone feeling?
  3. Hey all! Thanks for the check in @ild228! I'm doing well. Energy levels are great, managed to make it to the gym most days this week, which is totally NOT me. but other than that I don't feel any earth shattering effects. My pants are definitely fitting a little looser but nothing significant. As for cravings, I do have the occasional craving for a glass of wine, but I haven't craved bread which is my biggest weakness. I'm definitely looking forward to a glass of wine and some cheese next month, but honestly I could do without all the rest of it. I came across a compliant chicken mushroom alfredo recipe online and added some cauliflower rice while it was cooking for the last few minutes and created like a pseudo chicken mushroom risotto dish which I absolute LOVED! That was definitely my favorite meal so far. Plus yesterday we had a bbq and I cut and grilled thick slices of eggplant as a bun alternative and it was delish! I highly recommend it. How are the rest of you doing? Would love to hear if you all have any non-egg breakfast ideas.... I feel like I never want to see an egg again after these 30 days! I'm not big on bacon or breakfast sausages/meat options so I just don't know what else to have!
  4. Rania

    Trader Joe's SunButter?

    I’m on day 5 and I’ve had a teaspoon or so full on two of the days (today being one of them). I think I’ll just power on and continue. I’m seriously considering adding another 15 to 30 days so it might not make a difference. Thanks @SugarcubeOD!
  5. That’s great! I started two days after you, although I must say I’m a bit of a serial dieter. What results have you seen so far?
  6. Rania

    Trader Joe's SunButter?

    I’ve been eating TJ’s cashew butter with sunflower oil and just came across this post! Is this an “avoid it for the remainder of the 30 days” situation or a “start over” situation?
  7. Hey all! so small win today. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past couple of years and today was my first day back to work at a new job. While I was interviewing I struggled to find any pants to wear because after having twins while I had only gained a few pound, my waist expanded exponentially. I had found one pair of pants that fit but they dug into my waist to the point it was painful. So this morning I reluctantly put on that pair of pants ready to suffer through the day and they fit super comfortably! Definitely a wonderful start to the day!
  8. How’s everyone doing today? I got through Easter brunch at my mom’s house without a hitch. She had made a Whole30 compliant salad for me, and I had zero interest in anything else on the table I have to say that although food wasn’t an issue I’ve been a bit agitated and my stomach has been a mess today. I am starting a new job tomorrow though and I don’t know if that’s related, as I tend to have stomach issues when I’m nervous. Hope you all had a better day than I did!
  9. Good job avoiding the birthday cake! It’s funny over the last couple of days I’ve started to realize how much extra food I eat each day that I don’t even notice. I have four kids and if I make one of them a sandwich and they don’t finish it I will, or if one wants half of something I’ll just take the other half. I don’t really count it because it’s not on my plate but it adds up and a lot of it is stuff I don’t really enjoy. I’ve been drinking Lacroix and I believe there are other sparkling waters you can drink. I also had some kombucha last night (not all kinds are compatible, I bought the GTS brand at Trader Joe’s) and put some in a wine glass as a replacement for my glass of wine. It’s an acquired taste for sure so I’m hoping I’ll learn to love it!
  10. Hi @ild228! So far so good for me. I usually eat a lot of carbs and not so much protein, so the last couple of days have been an adjustment, but a positive one. I had begun minimizing carbs for a few days before starting and increasing protein and I've been fuller for longer and have so much more energy. I hope the honeymoon lasts! How are you both doing? Are you first timers too?
  11. Hi there! I just started today, so just one day behind you. It’s my first time doing Whole 30 and could totally use an accountability partner myself. Feel free to reach out anytime you want to talk cravings, concerns or to share successes!
  12. Rania

    Starting today 3/29!

    I’m starting my first round of Whole 30 today! Super excited because I definitely have major food sensitivities and not sure exactly what the cause is, though I suspect dairy and gluten. Also nervous as I am the only person in my family doing this so all my foods that I’m supposed to be avoiding (and wine!) are still in the house. Anyone else on a first round or anyone starting today? Would love to hear all about your successes!