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  1. Kristen F

    Gluten free grains

    Thanks again!!
  2. Kristen F

    Gluten free grains

    Shannon, thank you, this is exactly the information I was looking for. Of course I had a variety, but GF oatmeal seemed to time the most with the symptoms. At least I know to try the gluten! Do you have any advice on how to introduce the gluten? (I.e.: what foods, in what order? Should I wait a day between gluten containing items?) thanks again!
  3. Kristen F

    Gluten free grains

    I completed whole30 reintroduction with no clear triggers. I stayed on diet 2 more months and now am reintroducing each group for up to 2 weeks. I just completed a week of gluten free grains and have been gassy, have had 2 painful gas attacks and am more bloated than usual. My question is, assuming non-gluten grains are a trigger, is it possible that I may tolerate gluten? Or should I not even bother reintroducing that again?
  4. Kristen F

    Weakness and exhaustion

    Thank you! Green beans will work. I can only take so much meat early! This morning I had an egg white immediately following the workout and my normal breakfast once at work. So far I think I feel better than yesterday. Although I am full, not used to eating so much! Thanks again!
  5. Kristen F

    Weakness and exhaustion

    Thank you Shannon! I will try to bring something to eat in the car on the way to work. My egg cups have about 2 eggs in them, plus some bacon. I generously grease the muffin pan with avocado oil and I put olive oil and salt on the potatoe. I am pretty full after but I guess I could make myself eat a 2nd egg cup, or have a piece of lean meat. It seems like I am eating a ton. I also have a 4th meal around 400 which might be an epic bar or can of tuna, plus a banana and maybe even more potatoe. My lunch does have at least a palm size serving of chicken and steamed veggies on a spinach salad plus homemade dressing with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Feeling full and tired, but my workouts are pretty intense. I will also try increasing the water.
  6. Kristen F

    Weakness and exhaustion

    I am at day 23 and have been experiencing almost the same as described above. The tiredness/weakness happened in the first 1-2 weeks, then improved, got Tigrr blood! The past three days I am exhausted and my legs feel weak. I also workout at 5am and do intense cardio for 90+ minutes 6 days a week. I have been eating a few bites of grilled chicken pre-workout. My breakfast is later, once I am at work and is a large egg muffin with bacon, spinach and tomatoes, small piece of baked potatoe and a clementine. The one thing I have changed recently is to remove some high FODMAP foods as my stomach had been very uncomfortable all day- like "that hunger pang but I just ate and want a tums" feeling. I also started steaming all veggies vs. eating them raw. I eat mostly protein and veggies, some fruit, and cut way back on the nuts the past few days. I really don't want to extend my 30 days or start over but I don't want to start the re-introduction if I am still feeling bad as I don't think it would give reliable info. Any suggestions on the weakness/stomach upset? I should also say I take Zantac for reflux and my reflux was under control pre-whole30. Now it seems worse. The reduction of high FODMAPs the last 3 days has reduced the stomach pit pangs described above, but also seems to have timed exactly with the exhaustion/ weakness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thx in advance! I forgot to mention, I normally sweat a ton during my intense cardio workouts. The past 2 weeks I am not sweating even close to my normal. I have been salting all my food so I don't think that is why.