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  1. agamacat

    Recipes using chicken sausage links?

    I experienced the same thing. I was thinking of cutting them up and scrambling them with eggs and zucchini.
  2. agamacat

    Can’t have this!?

    Homemade mayo and possibly longer than 4 hours. But thank you for the info - it's good to know.
  3. agamacat

    Can’t have this!?

    Hmm, that's an idea. I am just trying to make a variety of whole foods that fill my stomach. Last week I took chicken salad, salmon and this sweet potato bake along with berries and an apple and tons of veggies and my salad dressing. Unfortunately I had to throw out the chicken salad because I didn't want to get sick from the mayo and I wasn't sure it stayed cold enough. I was able to eat a salad with shrimp at a resturant with my own dressing. On a tournament weekend I just don't know when or where we're going to go out to eat and what will be available and like to have as many choices as possible so I can roll with the punches when the time comes. My food bag is so heavy - and then I also carry a knife and cutting board - lol
  4. agamacat

    Can’t have this!?

    So if I switch this meal to lunch but add veggies? I can appreciate getting out of the habit of a sweet food for breakfast. The protein in 1.5 cups of bone broth is equivilent to 1.5 eggs and there are 1.5 eggs or so in that serving size. There is a fair amount of ghee in it. It's not my trigger food (SWYPO) food - I'm a texture girl - I don't like mush (no mashed potatoes or grits - shudder), but it's food. I found that the only way I could eat it was with a bite of berry or a bite of nut or the texture made me gag. But it's a whole food and it travels well. I have several other things that travel well, but I'm packing food for 3 days at a time with several unknowns that I have to anticipate. Of course this would totoally be SWYPO if I put it on a waffle maker;-)
  5. agamacat

    Can’t have this!?

    I found a recipe that adds eggs to sweet potato for a breakfast bowl but was told that although it has compliant food it’s a no go. I’ve been eating breakfast and lunch at my desk at work and traveling every weekend for tournaments. The only item that was compliant at the last hotel was a banana. I brought my breakfast bowl and put 2 large strawberries and a sprinkling of cashews on top and drank 1.5 cups of bone broth. I found the bowl too sweet and only ate maybe 3 tablespoons of it, but it did keep me full along with the broth for 3 hours. I can see how this could be a substitute for porridge but porridge isn’t my thing and I rather had to work on swallowing due to texture. I haven’t finished the books yet. Can someone explain the reasons why this is not a good food for a meal? Is it just a bad meal for breakfast? I really need food that travels and I can eat fast and easy until this ridiculous rush is over. I started whole 30 in spite of the craziness because I needed to do something. Is there a good reason for banning this kind of food or is it more if it is a trigger food for some?
  6. agamacat

    Packing Lunches

    I do a lot of leftovers for lunch chicken salad on a lettuce wrap: chicken, homemade mayo, dill pickles and a llittle apple or chicken, homemade mayo, a little apple and some cashews (nuts of choice) Tuna salad on lettuce wrap or eat on a 1/2 of pepper Also I cook a large piece of salmon and baggie is up to eat that with salad or in a wrap or dip it with veggies and guac or on plan ranch
  7. agamacat

    Air fryer

    So are we talking spirit vs letter of the law here? For instance, I don't love sweet potato fries - I would never order them, but the other night the quickest way to cook up my sweet potato was to slice it very small and throw it into the air fryer with a tiny bit coconut oil. I came home extremely hangry! and just wanted something to go with my steak and onions...I had gobs of fresh veggies all day. If I had the time I think they'd taste better roasted in the oven. is just a no-no?