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  1. cassiemarie10

    Compliant Deli Meat?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for compliant deli meats? I’ve been reading labels and it seems like everything have sugar. If I get lucky enough to find something without sugar, it has carrageenan. I live in a small town so my options for grocery stores is very limited. I have Safeway and Haggen (local grocery store in the PNW). I have an hour and a half drive to get to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.
  2. cassiemarie10

    Oily Skin

    I’m on day 6 of my Whole30 and my face is super oily. I normally have dry skin. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. cassiemarie10

    Drink Ideas for Kid's Lunch

    My son is okay with being able to eat more meat, but he is very upset about giving up his chocolate milk that he had in his lunch everyday. My kiddo LOVES milk. Any drink ideas for lunches? He drinks water all day long and meal time was his time to indulge in a glass of milk.
  4. cassiemarie10

    Gearing up to start May 1st!

    I was doing that last night too. I kept looking in the pantry and fridge but never grabbed anything. Just opening the door, looking around, then closing the door. I miss soda, which is funny because I only drank soda about 3 times week. It could be because when I wouldn't drink alcohol, I would go for a soda so now I don't know what to drink. I did have a club soda with lemon last night and it was delicious, but I'm worried that it is a psychological thing where it is just replacing my previous vice. I think I'll just save the club soda for a couple of nights a week and maybe have a cup of herbal tea to wind down before bed.
  5. cassiemarie10

    2nd Round of Whole30 - May 1st! Ladies only please!

    I would join a closed group. What do you think @Kelsey Barber?
  6. cassiemarie10

    Need Eggless Breakfast Ideas

    That sounds delicious. I’ll have to try it. This morning I care to the conclusion that I may need to go completely eggless for my W30. After eating mayo yesterday and hard boiled eggs this morning I got terrible gas and had to run to the bathroom within 20 minutes of finishing my meal. Although when I used the rest of my mayo for ranch that didn’t seem to bother my stomach. That kind of bums me out because eggs are such a cheap source of protein!
  7. cassiemarie10

    Need Eggless Breakfast Ideas

    Thanks for the suggestions. Time to change this week’s meal plan.
  8. cassiemarie10

    Which cookbook do you like better?

    Thanks for the input @ladyshanny. Can't wait to go pick it up!
  9. cassiemarie10

    Need Eggless Breakfast Ideas

    I am in desperate need of breakfast ideas that don't include eggs. I'm on day one of my Whole30, and I just came to a shocking discovery. I don't like eggs. I just ate most of my spinach and tomato scramble, and I'm pretty sure I had the same facial expression that my 11 year old son has he's eating broccoli. Pre-Whole30 I used to just put my eggs on a piece of toast or wrap them in a tortilla so I didn't really taste it, now there's nowhere to hide. I guess I could just eat the whites. I like hardboiled egg whites. What is your favorite eggless breakfast?
  10. cassiemarie10

    Which cookbook do you like better?

    I want to get one of the Whole30 cookbooks, but I am super indecisive. Which one do you like more, Whole30 Cookbook or Whole30 Fast and Easy?
  11. cassiemarie10

    2nd Round of Whole30 - May 1st! Ladies only please!

    @JenJenRN you should join us!
  12. cassiemarie10

    Whole30 newbies start on May 1!!!

    I completely understand. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent in here in the last few days figuring it out!
  13. cassiemarie10

    Newbie Starting 5/1

    @TheArnolds4503 there is a post in the Ladies Only section of a group of us that are starting our Whole30s on May 1st. We are going to start a group for support. I can tag you in the post if you’d like.
  14. cassiemarie10

    Whole30 newbies start on May 1!!!

    @JenJenRN You got this! There is a post in the Ladies Only section with a few women that are starting on May 1st. We are going to be a little support system. I can tag you in the post if you're interested.
  15. cassiemarie10

    Construction Worker lunches needed

    I know it's already been suggested but invest in a thermos. It will make lunches so much easier. I got one for my son's lunches a couple of years ago and now he is able to take leftovers to school. It doesn't just have to be soups and stews. My son will even take cut up meat on top of mashed potatoes or rice (we're still preparing for our Whole30 starting May 1st). A good thermos was the best investment ever!