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  1. LauraKY

    Starting May 7th 2018!!

    Me too!!
  2. LauraKY

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Thank you! Will def be trying these for sure. Went to Whole Foods yesterday and was able to find ONE (1) deli meat that was compliant! So this will def be a good resource xo
  3. LauraKY

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Hi All~ Newbie here. I have read the entire Whole30 book and just bought and read Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook. I wanted to come to you all to see if you could give me suggestions for some tasty, easy lunches. I don't want salads everyday. I am really picky (which I realize I will have to overcome during this). I am used to eating sandwich, chips and fruit for lunch everyday. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Laura (first Whole30 coming 5/2/18)
  4. LauraKY

    Starting May 7th 2018!!

    Yes! Agemme, me too! I am starting May 2nd. I have a hubby and two kids similar ages as well. I just bought the Fast & Easy cookbook and the Day by Day tonight at my local bookstore. I just finished the Whole30 book last week. The snacking/take out will prob be my toughest challenge. We can do it though! I think it is wise to be intentional and take the time you need to get the ingredients/ensure kitchen ready before you begin. Let's do it!!!!!!! Best, Laura