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    Not enough energy for workouts

    Sure, so for a typical day: Breakfast: a couple of eggs scrambled with a mix of peppers, onions, mushrooms, and oftentimes either diced potatoes or turkey bacon and half an avocado. Sometimes I’ll have a grapefruit in addition. If I am working out first thing in the morning and don’t want a heavy meal, I’ll have a couple hard boiled eggs and eat a big breakfast after. Lunch: a large salad of mixed greens and peppers, onions etc. with toppings varying of seeds, turkey or beef, hard boiled eggs, avocado, tuna and an oil based salad dressing. Sometimes I’ll have a piece of fruit as well. I also often eat leftovers from dinner such as a tuna squash casserole with coconut milk, beef stew, chicken and a salad etc. Dinner: usually lots of potatoes, turkey burgers, a stew, casserole as mentioned, sometimes salads like lunch. A lot of times I’ll have fruit for dessert. I realize snacking isn’t encouraged, but I do snack sometimes on things like nuts, sausage, berries, chicken, fried plantains. Before bed sometimes I am really hungry and will have fruit or the fried plantains. Maybe eating too much fruit really could be a problem? I’m not sure how much to eat of it.. and also note that I do sometimes drink coconut water or kombucha. I typically eat breakfast around 9am, lunch around 1pm, dinner around 6:30pm and sometimes snack around 9:30pm (trying to avoid that). Thank you you for any help. It’s been so frustrating! Lauren
  2. Im about halfway through my first whole 30 right now. I’m eating plenty of all the right foods suggested to be fueling my workouts as I’m training for a half marathon that is just a few days after I complete my Whole30. I strength train a few days a week and run a few. I ate fairly healthy and exercised regularly prior to beginning the whole 30. My issue is that I rarely have enough energy and motivation for a good workout. The instant I begin a run I feel drained and struggle to complete the run. I’m wondering if this could be a result of the whole 30 or something I’m doing wrong? I’m on day 16 and had hoped this would pass by now. I’m getting worried because now I haven’t gotten the proper training runs in that I should have by now. Any advice or suggestions as to why my energy levels have dipped so dramatically as I thought they would have picked up by now? Or any similar experiences? Thank you!