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    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Well, we made it, folks! I am so pumped about the benefits: mostly the NSVs, but I lost 14 lbs as well. The last week was the hardest for me, mainly because my husband and I were on vacation in a town we visit frequently. As I walked down Main Street and saw all the cool restaurants and bars that I'm WAY TOO familiar with, my mouth started watering for those glasses of wine, mixed drinks, appetizers, ice cream, etc., etc., etc. However, I stuck to my guns and remained compliant. The other really difficult day on our vacation was the post 13.5-mile hike cravings. As we were dragging our weary bodies back to the truck, images of Italian cream cake, pizza, cold cereal and milk, grilled cheese sandwiches...were all dancing in my head. LOL. I've got my 14 day reintroduction schedule planned (yes, I am starting with that glass--or two--of wine today), and I will be checking this feed to see how others are doing as well. Congratulations all!!
  2. liasmith

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Wow, I'm so impressed. Tell me your address--I'll be over for dinner.
  3. liasmith

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I felt yucky on Day 7 (or is it Day 8?) too, with a headache that lasted all day and all night. I'm going to cut down my coffee today and see if caffeine is the culprit.
  4. liasmith

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Thanks Crimsann for your response. Here's another exciting percentage: at the end of the day this Sunday, we will be 33.33333333333333333333% completed! You're probably right about breakfast. I was hoping against hope that I could continue on 2 meals a day because 1) I am used to that and 2) it's one less meal to prepare (in other words--I'm lazy). I'm sure my energy level will get a boost, and hopefully I'll sleep better. It seems like I'm sleeping really lightly at night and my eyes pop open at 5am (so only 6 hours of sleep).
  5. liasmith

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I've enjoyed reading everyone's highs and lows, as well as recipe recommendations--thanks! Today after lunch marks the 25% completion of Whole30 (7.5 days), and I'm pumped about that. I'm weird about percentage infatuation. Anyway, this is my second time for Whole30; the first time I ate 3 squares a day and lost 16 lbs. This time I was already doing intermittent fasting for the past 4 months, eating nothing after dinner and waiting till lunch the next day, so I continued that habit into my Whole30. Basically I eat lunch and dinner. I don't really feel crazy hungry, but have been tired and draggy in the afternoons. I'm wondering if this is more due to reduction of sugar or is also impacted by no breakfast? Anyone else dealing with this?
  6. liasmith

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Hi all! I started the Whole30 on 6/1/18, and so glad to be taking this journey with virtual friends! This is my second time doing Whole30; my first was 3 years ago to the day and I felt awesome at the end of it. Unfortunately, we went on vacation immediately afterwards so I didn't do the reintroduction right and went back to my sugary, wine-y ways. So...this time around I plan to reintroduce foods the right way and stick with healthy eating decisions from now on. Day 2--and I'm TIRED. It's amazing how addicted we get to sugar for energy. The good news is in a week or so I should have adapted to burning fat, and there's plenty of that, baby! ;)