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  1. Plantas

    Walmart Frozen Meals

    I have tried a couple. They are not awful, but not really very tasty. I'd rather eat one of these than try to make do with an Epic bar and a bag of mini carrots. As far as emergency food in the freezer at work, they are great though.
  2. Plantas

    I'm STARVING!!!

    My bootcamp trainer led us through a Whole30 last November and he kept reminding us to eat potatoes and sweet potatoes with our meals. They're really good roasted in the oven with some olive oil and herbs. Leftovers can go into a scramble or fritatta in the morning or a lunch salad. I am not doing a whole30 right now, but I still try to use the meal template. I just feel better when I do. The plated fat is hard to get used to, but if you make your own mayo or dump ranch, it's super tasty. I remember the Snackwell craze too! Those devils food cookies were like amphetamines with all that sugar. I ate them to stay awake to study.
  3. So true!!! The struggle is real. I have been trying to buy only frozen ground beef, chicken, romaine lettuce, tortillas and burger buns (for the non-Whole30 guy) and the frozen Normandy Mix vegetables when I go to Costco. I also get the little fingerling potatoes sometimes because they are about 15 times the cost in the grocery store. I do admit to rewarding myself with a pair of workout pants to get out without other delicious things though. I also buy toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant etc. at Costco because I hate to shop and prefer to have it on hand as long as possible.