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  1. Plantas

    Walmart Frozen Meals

    I have tried a couple. They are not awful, but not really very tasty. I'd rather eat one of these than try to make do with an Epic bar and a bag of mini carrots. As far as emergency food in the freezer at work, they are great though.
  2. Plantas

    I'm STARVING!!!

    My bootcamp trainer led us through a Whole30 last November and he kept reminding us to eat potatoes and sweet potatoes with our meals. They're really good roasted in the oven with some olive oil and herbs. Leftovers can go into a scramble or fritatta in the morning or a lunch salad. I am not doing a whole30 right now, but I still try to use the meal template. I just feel better when I do. The plated fat is hard to get used to, but if you make your own mayo or dump ranch, it's super tasty. I remember the Snackwell craze too! Those devils food cookies were like amphetamines with all that sugar. I ate them to stay awake to study.
  3. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Have a good vacation Crismsann. I am considering a September Whole30 right now. I feel like it will be a good reset and I'll have insight and tips that I didn't have before. Check in periodically if you do the September thing. Hopefully I'll be excited and ready to go.
  4. So true!!! The struggle is real. I have been trying to buy only frozen ground beef, chicken, romaine lettuce, tortillas and burger buns (for the non-Whole30 guy) and the frozen Normandy Mix vegetables when I go to Costco. I also get the little fingerling potatoes sometimes because they are about 15 times the cost in the grocery store. I do admit to rewarding myself with a pair of workout pants to get out without other delicious things though. I also buy toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant etc. at Costco because I hate to shop and prefer to have it on hand as long as possible.
  5. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I have been eating things that I used to eat, then I feel bad and try to go back to eating better again. I'm totally off the 3 meals a day too. I have been eating smaller meals and then snacking. I know I need to get back to taking care of myself. It takes time and effort to eat healthy food, and it's difficult sometimes to give to yourself. It's a struggle, isn't it?
  6. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    That pineapple salad looks really good! I think I'll make it next week. I kind of went crazy on the fruit last weekend because I was working outside, it was 114 and humid here in Phoenix. I'm trying to lay off for a couple of days before I start up again. I have reintroduced most foods, but I feel like I want to go back to eating in a more Whole30 way. Without having to worry about trace amounts of sugar, that is. Just having the break has made me realize how very much sugar I was eating. I have to ramp up my vegetable usage again though. I made a spinach and zucchini frittata last night to bring to work for breakfast and baked a sweet potato for my lunch. I think I'll try to buy precut vegetables and see if that helps me eat more. Did anyone else have issues with beans? I used to eat legumes at least 3-4 times a week, and when I tried black beans, my stomach went crazy. I'm going to introduce another kind, maybe soak them for 24 hours before pressure cooking them in the Instant Pot. If anyone has tips for me, please share.
  7. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I am working on my reintroduction plan and I'm not sure about portions. When I reintroduce legumes, should I have only a small portion? I wanted to start with beans so maybe a quarter cup, or is it better to try just a tablespoon? How do I know which one affects me if I try three different ones, or are we supposed to go back after the two days back on program to try one at a time? I was also wondering if anyone had heard of food allergies going away after the Whole30. About five years ago my allergist told me to try out dairy every couple of years to see if I still get hives, so I figured now would be a good time to do that. I haven't even had trace amounts in 30 days. I think I'll do that one on a weekend though.
  8. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I went to Walmart last night to pick up some things, and I had a hard time not ripping open a package and eating things right there in the store. Is it because we're in the home stretch and can start introducing foods? It may have been because i had to work super late and hadn't had much to eat. I ate some coconut chips and scrounged some dried apricots from the bottom of my desk drawer before I left. I ate a proper meal at about 9pm after I had prepared it, but I'm still struggling this morning. I even wanted soft serve ice cream this morning on the way to work because I saw a Dairy Queen. I'm allergic to dairy and haven't been in one for at least ten years.
  9. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    That sounds spectacular. I HAVE to try the hashbrown bun. In fact I wish I were at home trying it now. The 4th is a perfect time to roll it out, but I'll probably practice over the weekend. The chocolate chili sounds good, and I have a lot of ripe chiles to use up. I prefer the more well done burgers, and I really don't like chunks of meat. I didn't eat meat (just fish) for about 15 years, so maybe that's why I'm funny about it now.
  10. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Hi! I have a good sized garden, but it's getting close to time when it's finished. I live in Phoenix, so it's pretty hot. I have been harvesting zucchini, peppers and some cherry tomatoes. I have some armenian cucumbers that are starting to take off and I can't wait to start eating them. It's been nice to make frittatas with whatever I can pick. I have a lot of sweet potato leaves, but i haven't tried eating them yet - I just give them to the chickens. Have you ever cooked with them?
  11. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I made asian flavor pork burgers with red pepper and lettuce "buns". They were really good, and I was glad they turned out because I've never made burgers out of ground pork. I also put microgreens, spicy mayo and a little avocado. We had it with some steamed potatoes, carrot chips and a bit of fruit salad. I was out of clean plates, so we had to put the sides on a separate one. I miss eating burgers on those skinny buns, but I'm getting better at finding substitutes.
  12. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I think I'm kind of on autopilot with food prep right now. I did okay over the weekend but my morning hard boiled eggs were a bust. Literally for one of them! I forgot to put the cup of water in the instant pot, and all of them were raw when I began the peeling. (Thankfully I was over the sink) I just dug into the fridge, grabbed a couple of apple sausages instead, and ran out the door laughing. I should have spent more time on Sunday getting ready for the week. I feel the tiger blood, but I was really weak during my morning workout. I had energy but not much strength. Maybe the dinner with a sausage, green beans and potato/egg/avocado salad was too light on the protein or vegetables?
  13. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    That sounds great. I'm in for the burgers on Wed. Except maybe the Elvis burger you mentioned. I would have stopped before that too. Woke up feeling happy and not cranky at all. Skipped my pre and post workout mini meal, but ate my breakfast and it tasted good. I'm gearing up to grill a lettuce wrap burger tonight with some zucchini from the garden. I've upped my fat (more avocado) a bit and that seems to help make me feel better. Hope all of you feel as great as I do!
  14. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I'm having trouble staying motivated today too. I ate bacon and raw vegetables with a side of melon for dinner last night because the eating leftover curry and sweet potatoes again made me want to run away. I don't like bacon, but I was tired and desperate and it was late. Does anyone have ideas/recipes for a quick burger type meal? I'm hoping that shaking things up will push me out of my food crankiness. The orange chicken in the photo looks so good. When I'm feeling a little more patient, I am definitely making some.
  15. Plantas

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I just read all of your posts and I started on June 1 too. I'm not doing the challenge with anyone close to me, so I was so happy to find this thread and read about your experiences. Does anyone else work out at 5am? I'm still trying to get the pre and post workout mini meal thing right and I'd love to hear about what you're doing.