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  1. I guess my view is a little different. Maybe it depends on how big of a change the W30 foods will be compared to your current diet. If it's a drastic change, personally I wouldn't want to deal with caffeine withdrawals on top of everything else. You won't be dealing with cravings, but massive awful headaches (at least that has been my experience). Maybe before you commit to a W30, you could spend a few weeks cutting back on the coffee or just reducing the cream/sugar slowly, experimenting with different kinds of coffee until you find one you can tolerate black, trying coconut milk or bulletproof coffee, etc. Otherwise maybe you could switch to black or green tea during your W30 so you can still get the caffeine. You could wean yourself off that later if you decide it's something you want to do.
  2. I have days where I just can't seem to feel satisfied, although I know I've had plenty to eat. I don't keep nut butters or dried fruit in the house...I just can't. I rarely buy fruit either. While it's never a great thing to overeat, when I'm feeling that way I just do my best to stick to pickles and vegetables. I refuse to feel badly because I ate an extra bag of frozen green beans or a handful of carrots. The strong flavor of pickles does help quell my cravings sometimes too.
  3. JJB

    My job is making me eat

    I had a job like that a long time ago. I had my own cube and sat on my butt doing boring data entry all day. And...I snacked all day long. I looked forward to trips across the parking lot to the grocery store, or the ice cream shop, or Wendy's...I was there less than a year and put on 20 pounds. I have now had a job I love for 18 years where I am on my feet most of the day and there's no possibility to snack much or go off-site for junk. You are in a tough spot. The only permanent solution is a new job I'm afraid! Regardless of your eating patterns, you deserve to be doing something you don't hate!
  4. Please don't count calories. Eat more fat - eggs, fatty meats, olives, nuts. Eat larger meals. Eat 4 meals a day. Eat more potatoes. Eat more fruit. I know exactly how to eat to put weight on my body...the hard part is taking it off.
  5. JJB

    Sad. Face.

    I realize this may not make you feel any better (and I am sorry for your loss!), but personally I think you are lucky to have such an obvious and quick reaction. I reintroduced multiple foods that *seemed* to be just fine in the short term. Eventually some of them crept back into my regular diet, and it was several months down the road before I noticed things like "oh, I guess my face hasn't been clear and my stomach has been puffy since I started having lattes every Saturday," and "those mild annoying headaches that completely disappeared are now back since I've been drinking 1...2......ok, 3 diet cokes per week." Feeling crummy immediately would have been preferable to feeling increasing crummy over a period of weeks/months...
  6. No starches at all? Try adding in some sweet potatoes or potatoes for example. Maybe your diet has gone too low carb.
  7. JJB

    Sugar free Italian sausage?

    Isernio's is a brand available at a lot of regular supermarkets. Their ground chicken breakfast sausage, at least the stuff I buy here in Oregon, is compliant and yummy. They also have a hot version...no links that I have seen though, just ground chubs.
  8. JJB

    Goodbye Diet Soda

    I did in early 2013. It was hard. I used to drink up to 5 Diet Cokes or Mountain Dews every day. I tried to add it back into my diet on an intermittent basis and couldn't do it. Aspartame gives me bad headaches now and Splenda totally screws up my digestion. I am completely done with diet drinks. I still enjoy the taste and miss it sometimes but I'm very glad I went through this process and realized what it was doing to me. We don't need this garbage in our bodies...good luck on your W30!
  9. Forgive my ignorance, but what's the benefit of having a test tell you your body "officially" doesn't like gluten? If you tested negative for Celiac, would you continue eating gluten? I would just stop eating it because it makes me feel like crap...whether a test confirmed it or not!
  10. JJB

    Crockpot meals

    This is one of my favorite meals of all time: http://mypaleocrockpot.blogspot.com/2012/02/butternut-squash-lasanga-casserole.html I'm lazy though. I just cook the sausage (ground chicken breakfast sausage), and then dump everything together in the crockpot and stir.
  11. What was your diet like before? Maybe you are actually eating more fat than you are used to, and your body isn't processing it well? I will occasionally get queasy when I eat a really fatty (and therefore delicious!) pork chop. You could try digestive enzymes for awhile to see if that helps.
  12. JJB

    Canned tuna - oil or water?

    Do you have Costco in your area? They have compliant tuna in water as well.
  13. JJB

    books about sugar

    Wheat Belly is what brought me here in the first place, in a roundabout way. I used to dramatically say "I'd rather DIE than give up bread!!" whenever someone started discussing a low-carb or gluten-free diet. After reading Wheat Belly and letting that digest for a few weeks, I was ready to let go. Definitely a thought-provoking book.
  14. If you are taking Advil every day, you could be getting rebound headaches...although the jaw pain is weird. Are you chewing more meat than you are used to or something?
  15. I was afraid of fat too. Lots of people are when they start. I ate a ton of fat for a whole year...probably a can or more of olives per day, fatty cuts of meat with mayo added, eggs almost every day, and my vegetables were always cooked in coconut oil or steamed and then I'd add olive oil. I also ate coconut flakes and nuts a few days a week. I am 5'5", 130-135 pounds for reference, and I workout 3-4 days per week. I did not gain weight the entire year. Now...my goal was to lose 10 pounds (I was around 140-142 last year) and that didn't happen either. I found that I did need to cut back a bit on the fat and increase my protein portions instead to lose some weight (I'm still operating within the meal template). But it was pretty awesome that I could eat all that delicious fat and not gain weight. You're just going to have to experiment, everyone is a little different. Try not to worry about it though...at least give it a chance for the 30 days and see how you do.