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    Reintroduction: Alcohol question...

    Hi all, this is it! Day 31! I won't get into how awesome Whole30 was in unexpected ways, because that could take forever, but instead I just have a very timely & tactical query about the first thing I want to experiment with reintroducing, which is sulfate-free biodynamic red wine. I'm having some friends over for dinner tonight and besides the sulfate-free wine, everything else today and tonight will still be W30-compliant. I read in the W30 book that in the reintro phase you really need to consumer quite a bit of the group you're experimenting with in order to really get a gauge on its effects on your body. Melissa writes specifically that if you want to test dairy, for instance, you'd incorporate dairy into each of your 3 meals on one day then go back to 2-5 days of W30 to see how dairy affects your system. So, my first question is: how much of the sulfate-free wine should I have tonight to properly understand how it affects my system? (Unlike the dairy example, surely I don't have to have it all 3 meals today (haha) — but how many glasses should I have tonight? Is 1 enough? 2? 3? I am a 5'4", 110 lb woman.)