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  1. Hello everyone! I've been doing my first whole30, the vegetarian version, on day 18!! I've been wanting to introduce meat back into my diet, but am unsure if I should finish out this whole30 by sticking vegetarian, or if I should start reintroducing meat now. I hoping to do another Whole 30 later this summer, so would it be better to wait until then? Any suggestions on how to start meat reintroduction? Any comments and advice appreciated! Thank you! Anna
  2. AnnaMarieK

    Day 12- Breakouts!!

    Hello everyone! I'm on my first Whole30 doing the vegetarian version, getting my protein sources from salmon, shrimp, cod, eggs. I started breaking out a few days ago more than usual and I'm on day 12! I've thought about other factors like stress, sleep, exercise, etc. but none have experienced any changes like my diet has starting the Whole30. Wondering if this is normal at all during this stage and any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Anna