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  1. I work with a personal trainer twice weekly essentially to improve balance and strengthen muscles. (I am 71) This morning I mentioned to my trainer that Whole30 recommended eating lightly, choosing foods that are easily digestible. From the template, small amount of protein (1/2 meal size portion), some fat, and no fruit or carb-dense vegetables. My trainer asked where my energy was coming from.??? I believe we begin burning fat for energy but didn't mention that. What is your response? Thank you.
  2. Crazygrazing

    Reintro Advice Please

    Being relatively new myself, R1D30, I do understand that having actually added several different food substances. I'm just thinking of the obvious which is eggs, sugar & flour. You can't separate out which food substance was most critical. Having raised children that were very allergic to foods in their toddler years, I remember after a long period of time, trying to reintroduce...eggs, for example. If hives or sniffles occurred, I knew what was responsible. So I guess we need to isolate foods and ingredients to see our reaction.
  3. Crazygrazing

    Reintroduction and back to Whole30 days

    So, if I want to "test the waters", I introduce one new food at a time, allow 2-3 days to see if there is some reaction. This means that the 2-3 is back to Whole30? And I must do this slowly with each food I want to test?
  4. Crazygrazing

    Fruit can wake up sugar dragon

    I'm finally on D30 of R1. About 4 days ago I became aware that certain fruits were giving me GI problems...peaches in particular, which is a favorite. Berries are no problem, however neither are they as satisfying. Now that my 1st round will end...I'm not sure where to turn. Any advice?
  5. I'm at R1D27. I must confess it hasn't been easy. I've read labels all my life. Keeping Kosher teaches you to do that. With that said, I do not eat any pork products, and ethnically some recipes that I come across are just not in my diet agenda. So I eat mostly chicken, occasionally turkey parts, small beef steaks, salmon, tuna (both fresh and canned) and eggs, eggs, eggs! I frequently prepare a garden salad and try to include lots of yummy and colorful goodies/veggies. But some days I'm really at a loss. I even made a bone soup from chicken, and cooked its over night. Had some and froze the rest. My point there anyone else out there in Whole30 land that deals with this additional elimination issue??
  6. Shannon, I have Bragg Organic Coconut Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning. It says it's is soy-free. Maybe a new Bragg product???
  7. Crazygrazing

    Excess gas & Farting on Whole30

    I would follow up on the broccoli and cabbage. Foods which generally create gas. Your whole digestive system is on a new track and you have less of the "other" foods in your system which may have acted as buffers.
  8. I'm on day 18 and have used Liquid Aminos twice. I use it in stir fry. So the other day I had some gas which surprised me cuz my "regularity" is more regular than I can remember. But this gassy situation will take more observation. I also used bok choy which is a cabbage....which might also create a gassy gut.