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  1. Shannon, I have Bragg Organic Coconut Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning. It says it's is soy-free. Maybe a new Bragg product???
  2. Crazygrazing

    Excess gas & Farting on Whole30

    I would follow up on the broccoli and cabbage. Foods which generally create gas. Your whole digestive system is on a new track and you have less of the "other" foods in your system which may have acted as buffers.
  3. I'm on day 18 and have used Liquid Aminos twice. I use it in stir fry. So the other day I had some gas which surprised me cuz my "regularity" is more regular than I can remember. But this gassy situation will take more observation. I also used bok choy which is a cabbage....which might also create a gassy gut.