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  1. helenlovescello

    Women's NSVs!

    Share yours! Right now I am on day 16, and I've had much more fertile mucus (sorry if you have never tracked this) and more regular body temperatures, and really clear skin.
  2. helenlovescello

    Non-scale victories!

    OH! And I forgot one important (to me) thing! My husband and I have always used FABM (Fertility awareness based methods) to achieve or avoid pregnancy. My bbt (basal body temperature) was always super low (96.5-97.9 at different points in the cycle), and now it's significantly higher all around (97-98.2). I don't have enough medical knowledge to know exactly what that means, but something is happening haha.
  3. helenlovescello

    Non-scale victories!

    I just finished my first round of Whole 30! I probably have lost weight or at least inches, because my clothes fit better, but I'm not going to weigh myself this time- I don't want to forget about my other benefits! Before I started this, I was six weeks post emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I was anemic, anxious, and depressed. I woke up about four times every night and couldn't sleep at all without melatonin. I was dealing with a case of tendonitis/tennis elbow/golfer's elbow which was keeping me from doing my job well (I am a cellist and cello teacher). I was exhausted all the time and couldn't get anything done I wanted or needed to. Walking a mile was a huge effort. And in addition, I was stress eating junk food all the time. Now, I sleep through the night, my mood is much better and more stable, I go running three times a week, my playing injury is much more under control, I haven't had my blood tested but I don't feel anemic- I have lots of energy, good color in my face, etc. I don't like junky food as much, and don't usually get hungry between meals. I have a much better relationship with food and don't usually eat because I'm stressed or bored. Plus, my skin looks great, and clothes that didn't used to button button now!
  4. I just finished my first Whole 30 at the end of August. I loved it! It was a little difficult, but I had so many non-scale benefits that I refuse to weigh myself (I'll forget all about them if I do, no matter what the scale says). I was going to do the full reintroduction period, but then I just.... Didn't. Now the problems my Whole 30 got rid of have returned. One of them is a nasty case of tendonitis/tennis elbow/golfer's elbow, which was keeping me from being able to practice (I'm a cellist!) and hence keeping me from pursuing my career the way I would like to. My friend and I were going to do an October Whole 30 after taking a break for September, but I don't want to continue to destroy my results until then. So my question is, how do I salvage this? Do I need to just do another Whole 30 right now, and not worry about my friend? Can I do mostly Whole 30 compliant meals but have sushi once a week and not interrogate waiters when I go on dates? Has anybody else dealt with this problem?
  5. helenlovescello

    Anemia problems?

    Well, I took a long nap yesterday and felt much better! And today I'm a little more awake, my skin looks better, and my rings are looser. So I think I'll just have to be patient and listen to my body a little more.
  6. helenlovescello

    Anemia problems?

    I'm on day 8, and have been feeling REALLY exhausted the whole time so far, and have had headaches most days. I know feeling tired is normal at the beginning, but I feel like it should be getting better by now. I started this program after a miscarriage in March and a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in June, to help my hormones reset and stop stress eating. I'm taking a 50,000 iu Vitamin D prescription once weekly, which is probably not compliant, but it's a prescription. I was also told to take a vitamin with iron, because between the endless weeks of bleeding and the rupture/surgery, I was a little bit anemic. I had been taking Fertility Blend vitamins, which are supposed to help balance hormones and support healthy ovulation. They have a good amount of iron in them, but also rice flour (the only non compliant ingredient), so I stopped. I really liked them, though, and felt like they were helping (but who knows). What have any of you done for anemia? Should I just keep taking the vitamins, and let the rice flour do what it will? Do you find that this diet alone is enough to help with iron levels?
  7. This is me too! This was day 7, and nothing so far. I'm feeling exhausted, and I was headachey for the first couple days, but I haven't really craved any sugary/carby/etc. foods so far. The last time I tried a Whole 30, though, the cravings didn't get really bad until day 13-15. On day 16 I had a fight week my fiance and ate a sandwich haha. Hopefully I am more prepared for that this time!