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  1. PPD hasn't been as hard this time as it was my last pregnancy but that may be playing a role with the cravings. My free t3 tested low at six weeks postpartum so my midwife suggested I go on an anti-inflammatory diet for 3-6 months. I thought I would start it off with a complete Whole 30 then be more lenient and allow some honey or coconut sugar but since I KNOW I would go crazy with sweeteners if I introduced them now, I need to keep them out until I feel confident that I've kicked the cravings.
  2. Hello! I am on day 45 of my second Whole 30 (techinically third). This time around I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old and even after a full thirty days I am still craving all things chocolate. My first time around, when I was nursing my toddler once or twice daily, my cravings disappeared after the second or third week but I am growing frustrated that I can't seem to kick this all consuming urge to eat cookies. I wish I could give a food log, but I can barely remember how many times I woke up last night to feed baby boy. I've been trying to remaine diligent about eating enough p