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  1. shrinkingsarah_

    PCOS and Whole30

    I have PCOS. at the beginning of my first round I decided to quit taking hormonal birth control cold turkey. I finished a pack and then just didn’t take another one. After my first full round I got my period on about day 38 (so mid reintro) and it’s been consistently coming every month between the 18th-20th since then. It’s been 13 months of birth control free, regular periods. I attribute it to the whole30 100%, considering I lost 18 pounds in my first round and more since then. My doctor contributes it to “coincidence” and asked me to go back on the pill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good luck! Healing your body through food is 100% possible. ツ
  2. shrinkingsarah_

    July Whole30!

    Finished my first ever successful Whole30! I am down 18 pounds and a pant size. More importantly, I am in control of my food for the first time ever, my mood is improved, my energy is SO much higher, and my skin is cleared up. I learned a few things too - my body loves fats and carbs in the morning! I'm full for the first 6 hours of my day instead of starving by 10 am. Counting calories (clearly) isn't as important as I thought it was. Fat is not the enemy, in fact, I think it's the secret weapon Brushing my teeth feels fresher than chewing gum. People don't notice or comment nearly as much as I thought they would about me not eating or eating my own food, and they are pretty respectful when I say "no thank you" (with the exception of my mother haha). Most importantly; the scale isn't the only measure of success.