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  1. shrinkingsarah_

    PCOS and Whole30

    I have PCOS. at the beginning of my first round I decided to quit taking hormonal birth control cold turkey. I finished a pack and then just didn’t take another one. After my first full round I got my period on about day 38 (so mid reintro) and it’s been consistently coming every month between the 18th-20th since then. It’s been 13 months of birth control free, regular periods. I attribute it to the whole30 100%, considering I lost 18 pounds in my first round and more since then. My doctor contributes it to “coincidence” and asked me to go back on the pill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good luck! Healing your body through food is 100% possible. ツ
  2. shrinkingsarah_

    July Whole30!

    Finished my first ever successful Whole30! I am down 18 pounds and a pant size. More importantly, I am in control of my food for the first time ever, my mood is improved, my energy is SO much higher, and my skin is cleared up. I learned a few things too - my body loves fats and carbs in the morning! I'm full for the first 6 hours of my day instead of starving by 10 am. Counting calories (clearly) isn't as important as I thought it was. Fat is not the enemy, in fact, I think it's the secret weapon Brushing my teeth feels fresher than chewing gum. People don't notice or comment nearly as much as I thought they would about me not eating or eating my own food, and they are pretty respectful when I say "no thank you" (with the exception of my mother haha). Most importantly; the scale isn't the only measure of success.
  3. Hi! Starting reintroduce on Tuesday! I have never done reintroduce before, and I'm a little confused about the added sugar part. The reintroduction part on the Whole30 website says to add one thing back for a day while keeping the rest of your diet whole30, then go back to Whole30 for 2 days, fine. My question though is what about things like dairy and gluten. I saw a whole30er I follow on instagram use Noosa yogurt for dairy reintro, which for SURE has added sugar. Is it okay to have legumes/gf grains/dairy/gluten with added sugar? I've been unsure about how to reintroduce these things because most of them have added sugar. I was thinking of getting my beloved soy latte at starbucks for legumes but I know that the soy at starbucks has sugar. Any advice would be appreciated. :-)
  4. shrinkingsarah_

    Soy free eggs?

    Hi, I've looked in this forum and the can I have forum, but I can't seem to find anything about it. I looked up the eggs I bought (Happy Egg Co), Vital Farms, and the Costco ones, and they all have a soy diet fed to the chickens. Soy isn't compliant, but I know a lot of Whole30 people I follow on IG use those ones. Is it okay if they are fed soy? Will that effect my hormones? I also have PCOS so I don't eat soy anyway, but before the Whole30 I never paid attention really to what chickens were fed or how meat was raised. Am I being to uptight? Thanks!
  5. shrinkingsarah_

    Wedding/Travel Food

    Lol good point! I am the driver so I guess I could do that! Didn't even think of that!
  6. shrinkingsarah_

    Wedding/Travel Food

    Hi y'all! So I am heading to a wedding about 4 hours from home next weekend, and staying the night with some friends. I'm planning to eat before the ceremony, and have some nuts or avocado handy during, but I'm not sure what to do about packing food for the next day. We're staying in an Air BnB and planning on probably eating out the next day, but not until lunch time since everyone else will be hungover (I'm the DD. They took advantage of my Whole30 REAL QUICK). I don't know what to bring for breakfast that can safely sit in my car for 10+hours (driving, ceremony, reception, driving again) and be eaten for breakfast. I got a cooler but I'm a little concerned it won't keep eggs or tuna cold enough, and I don't want to spend the weekend living on Larabars. I don't want to eat Larabars/RX Bars at all actually, since I have serious sugar addiction and I don't want my "sugar dragon" to think I'm feeding it. Any ideas? Thanks!