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  1. alisonegilbert

    Sweet Potato Nachos

    @____Emily____ sorry I didn't see this earlier! This is the recipe I used: I think I ended up doing a little less time in the oven than it called for.
  2. alisonegilbert

    Sweet Potato Nachos

    Wanted to share because I had a major win with dinner tonight! I wasn't sure if sweet potato nachos would be in the spirit of the Whole30, but since I was just looking for a vehicle for all my taco fillings, not trying to recreate tortilla chips, I decided it was ok. I made baked sweet potato chips and topped them with seasoned ground beef, homemade guac, amazing fresh salsa from Trader Joe's, olives, and lettuce. Soooo good! A little more labor-intensive than I'd do again on a weeknight, but worth it!