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  1. alisonegilbert

    Sweet Potato Nachos

    @____Emily____ sorry I didn't see this earlier! This is the recipe I used: I think I ended up doing a little less time in the oven than it called for.
  2. I just finished my second round of Whole30, and it was great! My purpose was mostly to do a reset after some stressful life circumstances, and I had so much fun with it this time. I weighed myself today, and I'm down just under 3 pounds since I started, which isn't nothing, and my goal wasn't really weight loss, but it's always nice to see a difference. My question is, how do I know if it's time to stop making weight loss one of my goals? I've never had healthy habits long-term before, so weight loss has always sort of been the implicit goal of healthy eating. I've been exercising a lot this time, so I also wonder if I'm losing more fat than the scale is saying and building muscle! I guess I am wondering if not really losing weight on Whole30 means that my body is happy with the weight where it is.
  3. alisonegilbert

    Started Today (7-9)

    Glad it's going well! Before I started my first Whole30 (I'm currently doing my second), I had recently lost a fair bit of weight through "sheer will," which for me meant severely limiting calories. Whole30 helped me keep the weight off while actually nourishing my body and developing habits to keep it up long term. Best of luck!!
  4. alisonegilbert

    Cod Protein Salad?

    Turned out very well! I had leftover roasted red pepper and mushroom relish from the cod recipe in the Whole30 book too, so I mixed that in, and it was super flavorful.
  5. alisonegilbert

    Canned sweet potatoes

    I could never find it, and I have made it with both canned butternut squash and canned pumpkin, and both turned out great!
  6. alisonegilbert

    Sweet Potato Nachos

    Wanted to share because I had a major win with dinner tonight! I wasn't sure if sweet potato nachos would be in the spirit of the Whole30, but since I was just looking for a vehicle for all my taco fillings, not trying to recreate tortilla chips, I decided it was ok. I made baked sweet potato chips and topped them with seasoned ground beef, homemade guac, amazing fresh salsa from Trader Joe's, olives, and lettuce. Soooo good! A little more labor-intensive than I'd do again on a weeknight, but worth it!
  7. alisonegilbert

    Cod Protein Salad?

    Has anyone tried making protein salad with cod? Would you recommend?