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    Rescue my mayo

    I always use a food processor, because that's what I have, and have never had a problem. I drizzle it really slowly and have decided to just pretend it's meditation time or something, which makes it less frustrating.
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    Husband claims no benefit

    I did my first whole 30 about two years ago, and have continued to eat this way on and off since then. I've noticed a WORLD of difference when I'm strict, even compared to 80-90% compliance, so ideally, I'd stay strict almost all the time. My husband, however, claims to feel no real improvement when he does a whole 30. He doesn't have major health complaints anyway, being one of those obnoxious people who is generally athletic and lean regardless of what he eats. Has never had a cavity, never needs to go to the doctor, gets a mild cold about once a year, etc, etc. He does notice experiencing less gas and less irritation from things he is allergic to (cats, pollen) when eating clean, but in his opinion, the benefits of eating clean do not compare to the pleasure and convenience of beer, beans and rice, cheese, etc. I can't figure out how to balance our different experiences and come up with something that works for the whole family. He does most of the grocery shopping and cooking and, amazingly, is willing to buy and prepare compliant foods for me (occasionally he marinates meat in something full of sugar and doesn't understand why I'm upset, but 99% of it is clean). But it's really hard to stick to eating the way that I know is good for me when he's eating whatever he wants right in front of me, and its incredibly frustrating to feel restricted when he isn't. On the other hand, it doesn't seem fair to ask him to eat this way just because it helps me. The second problem is our kids' food. They are probably 50% paleo. He makes them oatmeal for breakfast. They eat gluten-free, but vegetarian/not paleo food at their school for lunch, and their dinners, snacks, and weekend meals are usually totally paleo. He is, because of my work schedule, responsible for their food most of the time. Again, it seems a little intense for me to insist that he take extra effort to pack lunches and make paleo breakfasts because of the way MY body responds. We haven't ever done a whole 30 with the kids to see whether it makes much difference in their bodies. I am obviously SO SO grateful for the lengths that my husband already goes to to ensure that I'm able to eat what works for my body. I guess I'm looking for advice on transitioning our kids to paleo without him being 100% convinced. Also, does anyone else know someone like this who is seemingly impervious to the negative effects of sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes? I will admit that a part of me doesn't believe him or thinks that he just hasn't really given it a real shot (totally unfair, I know).
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    Stories from the trenches

    My kids go to a great preschool that offers gluten free food, but also sticks to the food pyramid and is entirely vegetarian. Apparently, they were doing a food pyramid lesson and when the teacher was talking about examples of fats, my son yelled out "mayonnaise makes everything taste better!" My other son, on his teachers birthday, organized the creation of a pretend cake for her on the playground. When they got to toppings, he asked whether she liked salsa. She said yes and he yelled to his friends "put some salsa on the cake!" He then asked if she liked wolf meat (no idea where he came up with that) and she said that she preferred sprinkles and frosting on cakes. He looked at her, very seriously, and said "no," then yelled to his friends "put some wolf meat on the cake!" (He absolutely requested frosting on his own birthday cake, though).