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  1. Elizabeth33

    Hello! November 11 start

    I am glad things are going well
  2. Elizabeth33

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Round 4 how awesome. I hope you feel better and your energy comes you.
  3. Elizabeth33

    On Day 8 - JUST found you guys!

    Welcome and have a great one
  4. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Well here I am up at midnight not able to fall back to sleep. I have been a little foggie. @nrmoody415 I am there with you on the food for me today and even my emergency food didn’t inspire me. If you can only do small meals then do more that 3 a day. When I start sometime I do 4-5 mini ones until I can ease my way up to bigger meals and spread them out more. Sometimes my sugar craving show up as disinterest in my meals and then I can’t eat them. I have never been one to be able to eat something that I don’t like. Everyone looks like they are doing great. Keep up the great work Today I had compliant Apple chicken sausage with green beans, asparagus and roasted veggies Lunxh was Chinese broccoli with compliant teriyaki sauce, bok Choy and shrimp Snack was some chicken and spinacj Dinner was teriyaki beef over cole slaw.
  5. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    @Shelly0831 hang in there. My first was was awful. Maybe post here what your meals are and the moderators can give suggestions. Nap if you need too. Bone broth did wonders for me and a bad stomach. Make sure your getting enough fat.
  6. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    @nrmoody415 yes welcome and @kirbz is correct. One of the ones I did the last time I did not feel badly.
  7. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    So today is my day 1 and I am already finding excuses to not start today and start on Mon of next week. It is a never ending conversation with my Sugar Dragon that I call The Negotiator, so for short NSD. Anyway I am just taking it one day and meal at a time and making sure that it is compliant. I have a new job and I don’t want my repetitive injuries irritated by my food choices to complicate my job by causing pain and numbness with my carpal tunnel. I just finished reading the day 1 in the book while drinking my coffee with the nut pods. I already have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks made for 2-3 days since I have to leave so early in the morning there is no time to do it daily. The start of my week is extremely busy so I need to have that done and the great news is I have a toaster oven at work to heat things up. This is the first time I am going to do this with absolutely no time. I am working 55 hrs a week and going to school 3 times a week and this is my life for the next 3-4 years and that is OK. Each day and week I will need to strategic plan on how to get all that I needs to be done, including the physical therapy. How is everyone else doing?
  8. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Hey @kirbz good to see you again. So great on your 3rd round. I have done a big food prep yesterday and today. I made chicken fennel breakfast sausage, teriyaki cilantro burgers, steam Chinese broccoli, baby cauliflower, green beens, roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potato’s, mushrooms and root veggies. My goals are simple check the box off each day for being compliant and moving more by getting some of my physical therapy done several times a week. I am the busiest I have ever been so this will be interesting
  9. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Today is my day 0. I decided to do this this weekend but couldn’t get everything together in time. I have had 1 successful on and another that lasted 26 days. I have a lot of heath issues and resent tests show dangerous level of chronic inflammation. I am wanting to improve my blood pressure, high cholesterol and thyroid. I am going to post everything here and I hope some people will stick with me. The last one was amazing with great recipes and support. Happy Day 2 for those that started on the 1st and Day 1 for those that start today
  10. Elizabeth33

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    The logs are great. They are not moderated. I have occasionally found in the past that a few things have not been 100% compliant. And you are right there are a lot of great ideas and support over there. When I first did this program majority of the interaction was here on the thread of the start day and people would post food and ideas here. I am planing on posting everything here and hope that some will stay with me. Anyway have a fantastic Whole 30.
  11. Elizabeth33

    September Challenge, Starting Sept. 2

    Have a great Whole 30
  12. Elizabeth33

    Is Whole30 for me?

    Awesome have a great one
  13. Elizabeth33

    I’m new and starting on Aug 14th!!

    You got this. I am starting today on another thread since it didn’t seem like anyone was starting this week with Newbie starting Aug 5. Maybe we can all do it together? I have done it 2 times and it’s a great program. Welcome!
  14. Elizabeth33

    Newbie Starting Aug 5!

    Ok so I have gotten my kitchen ready and made my shopping list for tomorrow additional shopping. I have these things frozen and ready to go, tandoori & chinese 5 spiced chicken, ground beef, 2 frozen veggie casseroles, 2 different types of soup, and bone broth to start. These are the things I am thinking of making this week: frittata with bacon and veggies, cook up shrimp, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, roast sweet potato, roasted root veggies: carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, and maybe turnip, sauteed bok choy, chopped salad: carrots, celery, cucumber, radish mixed greens, caesar salad and maybe another veggie. Here are some of my if and then: If I am tempted to go out for breakfast to eat and read a magazine then review my reasons why then make sure I have enough protein and fat in my meal. Read helpful excerpts from the book. This isn’t hard, cravings leave in 3-5 mins. And remember I truly am the one in charge, not my cravings, would I let an infant eat cookies and drink Diet Coke? If I am waking by non-compliant food at work, then I think of my reasons why and keep walking by. Eat down in the closed restaurant so I am not by the food. Or if at the other job just stay at my desk. If while working the kid’s movie event I get pizza, chocolate, etc. on my hands then wipe it off with a napkin. I need to get into the habit of this in my life instead of licking my fingers. This has definitely been the cause for me to have to restart. Also make sure I have compliant snacks so if I am hungry, I have something to eat. If I need to grab a bite to eat because I didn’t bring enough food, then find a compliant place to go salad bar at Ralph’s with can of tune or salad at another non-fast food restaurant, etc. side note take extra food for the day (compliant canned tuna or chicken, some extra veggies sticks, fruit, nuts, RX bar for severe emergencies only). So here I go.
  15. Elizabeth33

    Newbie Starting Aug 5!

    So I am just going to do it. I am going to start tomorrow. I have been trying to get through the program forever and keep doing excuses to not start or to stop 1 to 2 weeks through. I have competed 1 30 day and 1 28 day. So I know how to do this. I have had things prepped for months now. No more excuses. My niece is moving in with her dog this coming week and with my asthma and allergies I am going to be miserable and I KNOW this helps and is the best decision. I just need to do it and the hard line is NO CHEATS!! I have some supplements and meds that have things in it but they are meds so I am not going to use that as an excuse. I only have to get rid of a few things and my kitchen is set. I will be using the coconut secret aminos and teriyaki sauce because I test fine on it. There will be no night shades veggies, onions, garlic and the only citrus will be for my guacamole. So this is Day 0. My goals are to do my stat sheet with what I am taking supplements wise, the food & sleep log and I am combining that with the day by day log daily. This way I can see what I am doing when I feel shitty or great. I know the 1st week will not be relevant because of the transition phase. I will post the day by day and food here.