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  1. This is awesome. Congratulations
  2. I am wondering what you do for your vertigo? I have it as well.
  3. I am so with you on the many attempts at this program and those are the same days as me too. If you have a store that does rotisserie chicken that is compliant that is a fast way to get the protein. I deboned it shred it and then separated out in portion sizes and put it in the freezer.
  4. Your doing a great job and you will figure out that event and stay compliant, sending helpful vibes.
  5. Note to self...buy more veggies. Realizing I am not going to have enough.
  6. @littleg I haven’t done the avocado and tuna in a while. I will have to try it again. I found several recipes I am going to try. This round I am going to stay away from eggs I must get the inflammation down. Then next round I remove more things like pork, potatoes, eggplant and probably others as well. I have really done a number on myself.
  7. Great. I didn’t start today so I will start with you tomorrow. I did a big post on my prep on Its time to slay the sugar dragon. How’s the day 0 going with the prep?
  8. @littleg its more a digestive problem although not as sever as peppers, onions & garlic. The egg whites are the highest and then the yokes. I haven’t been able to find a compliant vegan mayo since the one I know has rice syrup in it. I am looking to make my own or just go without. Great alternate recommendation littleg and @ArtFossil. I have had to go without the eggs before I had just realized I didn’t plan for any breakfasts since I had been doing oats and tuna sandwiches, which are out now. I will do some tuna boats unless I can’t figure out the mayo part. I am not too fond of tuna with
  9. I am going to make this for some of my breakfasts. https://herbrandedlife.com/turkey-sweet-potato-paleo-breakfast-hash/ I will need to figure out something else since I can’t do eggs. Maybe some turkey burgers with salad and roasted potatoes.
  10. So I am starting tomorrow and today is my day 0. I have been avoiding this for a very long time. I have started and stopped many time. Now I just really need to buckle down and get myself healthy. I am modifying my whole 30 to exclude my allergies items: almonds, cashews, pecans, poppy & sesame seeds, eggs, onions, garlic, seaweed, bananas, pineapple, tomatoes, watermelon, figs & kiwi. So that means no protein bars at all. My new emergency food is baby food that is compliant since I can keep it in my trunk and I don’t have to keep it cool. My doctor is not happy with me because
  11. Sounds delicious. Welcome back. I am starting after Thanksgiving. What is your start date?