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  1. Elizabeth33

    June Whole 30

    Good to see you too. I have the flu and other allergies complications so I have to fix these before I can start again. Everyone have a great June 1st start.
  2. Elizabeth33

    June Whole 30

    Welcome. I am also starting on June 1
  3. Elizabeth33

    Starting tomorrow!

    Your food and pictures look amazing.
  4. Elizabeth33

    Beginning June 1

    @Lindseydalton yes! Of course that’s if I do it. I may need to just start earlier. I have been having itchy and additional asthma issues. I have changed medication so that is part of it too
  5. Elizabeth33

    Starting tomorrow!

    It all looks great. I am not used to using the food log. I have always used this the forum to post everything primarily so the moderators can keep track of what I am doing and comment if they see anything amiss. I see now that most of Whole 30 has moved off the forum and into the food logs now. I will have to check that more often.
  6. Elizabeth33

    Beginning June 1

    I will be restarting on June 1st too. I am planing on posting my food log here as well. I started in May but so have been having issues with my allergies and asthma that lead to an infection so I had to go off because some of the handles for it were non-compliant. Drs have changed my inhaler to one that doesn’t cause hoarseness. I am hoping this new one will work. I am hoping to improve my relationship with food, allergies & asthma (caused by allergies), sleep, cholesterols, high blood pressure and other things. This weekend I am starting to wean off of things so I won’t have a hard time the first 3-5 days.
  7. Elizabeth33

    Starting tomorrow!

    How is it going?
  8. Elizabeth33

    Beginning June 1

    That is great.
  9. Elizabeth33

    MAYHEM's Whole30 Log (Apr29 - May29 2019)

    Great ideas to call ahead to see if they can do some tweaks. I hope you all have a great celebration for you dad.
  10. Elizabeth33

    30 Day Time Machine

    That’s great you are connecting with people. I love chiropractic and wouldn’t be able to handle my pain with out it. Well done on all the NSV and staying compliant.
  11. Elizabeth33

    Starting May 1!

    @Pandora Black that’s for the recommendation
  12. Elizabeth33

    May log Elizabeth

    I am not what made it bitter/sour. It also turned black. I added asafetida spice that resembles garlic and onions. I am not sure if it was that or the stems from the parsley. LOL It was just too weird
  13. Elizabeth33

    cinco_mouser's log Apr29 - May31

    I am so impressed with all of you who have families you need to prepare food for or have things in the fridge for. I live with my brother who doesn't eat like me but he takes care of himself so i don't need to worry about that. In 2013 when I did my 1st one he volunteered to move his cupboard foods into a cabinet we had and has kept it there ever since. The fridge most is my domain because fresh foods take up more space. I am very lucky he is fine with his small space
  14. Elizabeth33

    May log Elizabeth

    I am on day 4 and it has been though. I have not been feeling well since Wed had a low grade fever since Thur. I am having difficulty eating. Today I am at least hungry but it is hard to find things that don’t upset my stomach. So I am doing a lot of purées and collagen. My batch of bone broth tanked last night so I had to start a new batch this morning. I have found some things I can eat and at this point am being as compliant as I can per the Drs order. What I wound give for some chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers and ginger ale. For now it is just small amounts of puréed foods. I took today off to rest and hydrate.
  15. Elizabeth33

    Starting May 1!

    I have had a very rough night tonight. I got the chills and slept with my covers on for the first time in a month. When I go up to go to the bathroom I was freezing. It got better as the night went on so that at 1:30 I was cold but not freezing. This morning I took my temp and 100.4. I do fee like shit and a little headachy. I did my physical therapy I do feel better. I sore throat is not as bad. But I’m still not interested in eating. The thought of eating anything really just makes me want to go blah. My day has not gone much better. I have felt badly and fever is 100.8 which sucks. I am still finding it difficult to eat. I have made more bone broth and Bieler Broth (zucchini , celery, green beans and parsley that is pureed up. I did manage to get some things down but for the most part it has been water. I am hoping tomorrow is better