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    What about Kombucha? It is apparently made with bacteria, yeast, and sugar and is considered a fermented tea and the sugar is fermented out but leaves trace amounts of alcohol (my rough interpretation). I've read that we need to read our labels with Kombucha, and I've been buying the GT's version of blueberry, gingerade, etc, ones that "don't" have alcohol or sugar listed. But is it REALLY Whole30 compliant? Thank you!
  2. Just checking in! Wrapping up day 3 and Ive been cooking off of the week 1 meal template in The Whole30 book. Just ate the perfect seared chicken breast, roasted potatoes, cole slaw, AND roasted red pepper sauce. It was a ton of food and it was delicious! Thank God real food can be delicious too! Lol. Also, I am not usually hungry in the morning, but Im eating my breakfasts! Cant wait for the day when I can wake up hungry and call it a NSV!! Lol. I do have a worry, Ive been eating a cup of watermelon everyday (I bought a whole one) and maybe an apple in my protein salad, or sliced apples along with my lunch. I dont want to ruin my whole 30 by eating too much fruit!! Whats the "rule" for this here? Peace and thanks.
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    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    Im starting my Whole30 on Monday too!! Im also excited but anxious! Happy eating!!