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  1. doctorintraining

    Day 23 and I'm not feeling all that many NSVs

    ok, great, so my lunches are fine. i'll add the avocado to my eggs once i can get to the store this weekend. my dinner has coconut milk in the cauliflower rice, which I figured was also a plated fat. i'll try to think of another fat to add to my beef basil stir fry with the cauliflower rice. thank you!
  2. doctorintraining

    Day 23 and I'm not feeling all that many NSVs

    Does the mayonnaise in the cabbage cole slaw count as a plated fat? there's probably 1.5-2 tablespoons per serving.d my proteins are definitely following the meal template. my veggies at some meals could be more - like breakfast is definitely not 2 cups. my lunch/dinner is usually about 2 cups of vegetables and 4 oz of chicken/beef/turkey/etc. i usually add some avocado to my eggs in the morning, just forgot them this week. but the smoked salmon is pretty fatty so I thought that'd be ok? i'll be more conscious of including more plated fats the next few days. thanks for the snack suggestions! i do love olives so will look into the olive snack packs or just put some in a ziplock. and thanks! it's definitely an insane schedule but I figure if my schedule isn't going to be the healthiest I should at least be good about what I'm putting in my body.
  3. doctorintraining

    Day 23 and I'm not feeling all that many NSVs

    Not as much as I would like. I keep a 16 oz bottle in my white coat that I take sips from between surgeries. We can’t scrub out to use the restroom during a procedure so I try not to drink too much if I know I’ll be in there for a long surgery (some are up to 11 hours straight!). I probably drink about 3 of those bottles throughout the day (I drink a lot after work at dinner and in the morning). My normal is 64+ oz so 48 is a big reduction but I’m doing the best I can.
  4. Hi whole30 family - looking for some guidance on my whole30. This is round 2, day 23 (my first round was last July, I've done a few mostly whole30 months in the middle but not another strict one until now). I’m not feeling any *big* NSV, which has been quite disappointing - I sleep a *bit* better, my skin is a *bit* clearer, and I have a *tiny bit* more energy (though I’m currently on my surgery rotation as a medical student working/studying 16+ hour days in the operating room/library so I’m not expecting much energy). My clothes aren’t fitting any looser really. And I do have much weight/inches to lose even though I know this isn’t a weight loss program (I’m 5’0” and weighed 144 lbs prior to starting this round, I have a family history of type 2 diabetes and have PCOS so am at risk, along with having high cholesterol, asthma, and recently elevated blood pressures in the past year or two). Here’s an example of what I’ve been eating, these are my meals for this week (same meals all week mostly since I meal prep on Sunday for the whole week): Breakfast (around 7 am before I go to the OR): baked eggs with broccoli/onions, spiralized one small potato to make the base of the entire pan of baked eggs for the week so probably 1/5th of a potato?, 1.5 oz compliant smoked salmon, fruit (this week it’s been a handful of raspberries) Lunch (ranges from 11:30 AM to 4 PM depending on the OR schedule, but usually it's around 11:30 to 1:30, on a good day I get about 15 minutes to eat): red cabbage cole slaw with carrots/scallions (dressing made with primal kitchen mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, mustard, and some spices), chicken tenders (baked with an almond flour crust), roasted carrots Dinner (around 6-7 PM depending on when I get home): coconut cauliflower rice, beef stir fry (with bell peppers, scallions, onions) OR tuna/avocado salad with baked plantain “chips” and raw bell pepper strips for dipping Snacks: sometimes between breakfast and lunch if I’m the OR for a long time without a real break and just have <5 minutes to run out to my white coat in the pre-op area - chomp bar, almonds, banana (I keep all three in my white coat, that’s about all that fits) I have to be up at 5 am to get to the hospital on time to see my surgery patients from the day before prior to the new surgeries so I’m usually asleep by 9. I realize this doesn’t give me the 3 hours without eating before bed but that’s just not always possible with my schedule. I've also been very constipated this round, which is something I always struggle with but seems especially worse during this round. My surgery schedule doesn't help for sure as I prefer to go in the morning and just don't have enough time in the morning to feel relaxed enough to go. Any advice on tweaks I could make to maximize this round and future Whole30s/food freedom is much appreciated! Thank you!!
  5. doctorintraining

    Having a hard time with timing of meals

    It's also been hard to get into a schedule when my clinical hours change so often - could be working 6 AM to 6 PM two weeks, then nights the next, or back to 9 to 5.
  6. doctorintraining

    Having a hard time with timing of meals

    Thanks @Lorna from Canada! I did my first full whole30 back last July, started Day 1 of Whole30 on my first day of my third year clinical rotations - oh boy what a mistake that was! Made it through the whole month without any non-compliant foods/restarts, but there were many days of just snacks during 12-14 hour shifts because I didn't get a break. I asked for a break once to go buy a bottle of water because I'd forgotten mine and I got a withering stare. Not trying that again. Will keep working at the big breakfasts, even though it's a bit hard still at 4:30 am - little by little! Thanks for the support! Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle should always be a part of good medicine/health care, just apparently not for health care workers...
  7. doctorintraining

    Having a hard time with timing of meals

    Started forcing myself to eat at least *something* in the morning, building up to a normal meal. Unfortunately, we really are expected to go without lunch or breaks if patient duties call. I was given a 20 minute lunch break yesterday during my 12 hour shift but my senior resident wasn't allowed to leave. I check and per Department of Health rules no open food or drinks (besides water) are allowed on the floors/in patient care areas. Will do the best I can with eating bigger breakfasts in the morning and packing nutrient dense lunches to eat if/when I get a few minutes to leave the floor. Thanks!
  8. Hi Whole30 family, I've been having a hard time, especially this round (round 3), with the timing of my meals. I know we're *supposed* to have 3 meals a day, 4-5 hours apart, and not eat a few hours before bed time. However, on my current medical school rotation my day starts at the hospital at 6 and I'm really never hungry at 4:30/5 am, no matter what I've eaten the night before or what time I ate dinner. There are sometimes morning conferences at 8 am that we're expected to go to, we can eat at those, so I try to pack something that I'm willing to eat cold at that hour if there is a conference (may 2x/week there is one). I'm usually running late from seeing a patient to morning lecture if there is one so no time to heat up anything. Other days when we don't have conference, there's no midmorning break, there's always a patient to see, and it seems it's not really appropriate to be eating at the nurse's station. We're supposed to get a lunch break around 12 for a half hour but patients first so this doesn't always happen so I keep extra whole30 snacks (almonds, larabar, epic bar, hard boiled egg, etc.) in my bag in case I'm not given a break or in case my break doesn't come until 2 or 3 pm. Something quick that I can eat in the hallway in just a few minutes. For lunch I usually back some combination of meat/veggies/starchy veggie like acorn squash, potatoes, butternutsquash, etc. Most days I'm done by 5/5:30 pm. I either go home and eat dinner (again, balance of meats/veggies/starchy veggie/fat), so then I do have a few hours of not eating before I go to bed around 9 (I do best on 7.5-8 hours of sleep so I try not to go to bed any later than 9:30). Or I'm going to my boxing class (from 6-7, have to leave at 5:30 to get there), in which case I'm not home until 7:15, usually done with dinner by 8/8:30 depending on how long it takes me to cook it, and then I just feel gross because I've eaten right before bed practically. Though I'm eating all compliant food, I'm not feeling that I'm really in the spirit of whole30. And I don't feel like I'm seeing a lot of those NSVs that I'd hoped I'd be seeing (clothes fitting better, less bloating, more energy, working out harder, etc.). Any suggestions for how I can tweak my food/meal times throughout the day? Thanks!
  9. doctorintraining

    hospital food

    Thank you both! It's definitely been a very stressful time balancing school and family. Will do the best I can with the suggestions you've provided and not worry too much if I falter a bit. I wouldn't want stressing about my food options to prevent me from being present with my family. Thanks!
  10. doctorintraining

    hospital food

    Hi whole30 family, My grandmother is very ill and in the hospital - I've been back at medical school and started whole30 round 3 today as I'd planned to do months ago before she got so ill - now I'm going home this weekend to help take care of her - no one in my family is following whole30 (or anything close to it, we're indian/pakistani so lots of rice/naan/yogurt) and I'm all but positive I'll just be living off of hospital food/whatever fast food places are nearby/whatever takeout my family gets like we did the last time she was this sick. Any recommendations for staying compliant in a situation like this? Working in a hospital now I know just about nothing in our cafeteria is compliant except maybe the fruit cups and veggie sticks (without the ranch or hummus), but I can't live on that for 48 hours. I imagine I'll be spending the night in the hospital to give my mom a break so anything I pack has to be able to last without a fridge overnight and might not have access to reheat anything in the hospital so has to be eaten cold/room temp probably. Thanks!
  11. doctorintraining

    Vegetable oil at restaurants?

    Hi, I live in Albany, NY and I'm on day 19 of my first Whole30. My boyfriend isn't doing it, neither are any of my friends, and on date nights or girls night out, we've mostly cooked ourselves, but sometimes they naturally want to eat out and I haven't been able to find a compliant restaurant so they order in and I make my own food to bring over or I just don't really eat while we're out - fine for the 30 days but not that exciting/sustainable moving forward as I intend to live pretty much Whole30 for a while. I've called around to a few restaurants that I thought would have some compliant things (mexican - fajitas, just the grilled meat/veggies/guacamole, thai - curries/no rice, burgers - lettuce/no bun, steak houses, etc.) and a lot of the time it comes down to the fat - they always say they use "vegetable oil" but I don't know what specifically is in it - so I'm not sure if that's really corn oil/soybean etc., things we can't have, or like canola oil which isn't great but allowed for the few times you go out. The people at the restaurant haven't been super helpful either. How have people gotten around that? I've asked if they can grill meats for say fajitas in something else like canola oil or preferably olive oil but they're pretty resistant. It's only 11 more days + reintroduction, and I'm a busy medical student with little time for socializing, so it's not a big deal for the next couple weeks but I don't know how to get around this going forward. I really love exploring good restaurants so need some help to navigate. Thanks!