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  1. Jorfdan

    Cookware Recommendations?

    I have two sets of pans (both basically have a small, medium, and large). One is a set of cast-iron handed down from my mom and the other is a nonstick I got from Walmart. I find there are certain things that do really well in my cast iron but others don't. For example, if I fry eggs in my cast iron, I can sometimes have a problem with them sticking to the bottom (which is probably due to me not seasoning my skillet enough). However, I'm slowly acquiring a set of porcelain enamel cast iron cookware (pricey), and it's the best of both worlds to me. The heating is very even and the enamel helps with the nonstick aspect (and clean up!). If you can, I'd definitely go with maybe one or two to start with.
  2. Jorfdan

    Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety

    I wonder if the things you don't like are due more to how they were cooked and seasoned or lack of seasoning than anything else. I can't stand steamed veggies with just salt and pepper--texture puts me off and lack of creativity in flavoring. Sweet potatoes for example are amazing when chopped into wedges, tossed with olive oil and seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, pinch of cayenne, and smoked paprika) and roasted in the oven. A microwaved sweet potatoe with just the most basic of flavor is beyond boring for me. Though I do find zucchini and yellow squash can be too watery in many recipes that are online because of the cooking method. You might also like a good soup from some of these veggies. I find I love zucchini soup, and it requires me to purree teh zucchini, so I don't have to deal with the texture. Sometimes, recipes just don't specify how large to chop the vegetables up, or I realize that I like to chops certain ones smaller like celery to make them more palatable. I think the biggest thing will be seasoning and cooking method for you.