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  1. Lokan_V

    Getting back on track

    Sorry to hear about the bad news. The silver lining is that you are learning more about how certain food choices affect you. That's gold! You are more aware and able to make the corrections you need to feel your best. I didn't have the best reintroduction earlier this month and yesterday totally fell off track. I wasn't intentional with my choices. I chose my food based on emotion, not physical needs. My plan is to also re-read my books to get motivated and pick out new recipes. We did it before and we can do it again! Go slay that sugar dragon!
  2. Lokan_V

    Change my Whole 30 Log Title?

    @ShannonM816 Thank you! Just removing "Round 1" is perfect, no need for any other changes.
  3. Hello wonderful moderators! Would you (or myself!) be able to change the name of my Whole 30 log? I would like to remove the "Round 1" part of the title. I've seen users continue to use the same log for subsequent Whole 30s and I prefer to do that as well. Or is there an easy way I could change it myself? Many thanks!
  4. You got this! I'm wrapping up my first whole 30 (Day 27) and it was extremely helpful to have support from others "In the trenches". Messaging here or on Instagram and participating in the Whole 30 community really helped me keep my resolve.
  5. Lokan_V

    Protein bars and drinks

    I was so adamant about it but couldn't get anyone to confirm until you! Side note - I really enjoy reading your responses on the forums. You are so knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I appreciate you!
  6. Lokan_V

    Protein bars and drinks

    RX bars are fine except for ones that contain peanuts or peanut butter. I don't think the one with maple syrup is compliant but never got a definitive answer. But like SugarcubeOD mentioned, for emergencies only
  7. Lokan_V

    Achieving is believing

    Your success is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm on Day 25 of my first round and Whole 30 has changed my life.
  8. Lokan_V

    RX Bars

    @Meg1130 I was mistaken! Someone linked Melissa's IG posts on the matter and she states that they are compliant - chocolate ones, at least. But also, in the spirit of Whole 30, they are compliant but not even necessary. I don't change my stance, I'll stick with blueberry and apple cinnamon because that's what works for me. (also, if anyone wants to see the post, message me your IG handle and I can tag you in it.) Onward, Whole30ers!
  9. Lokan_V

    RX Bars

    I'm glad I checked here! I was told all RX bars except for peanut ones and maple were compliant. However, the chocolate threw me off. Chocolate inherently has sugar in it, right? I have the blueberry and apple cinnamon one at home, but just picked up a bunch with chocolate (mint, hazelnut, coconut). I was still doubtful. I guess even if it was technically compliant, I would avoid it because chocolate is too much of a "dessert" for me and I'm trying to break that habit.