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  1. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    Here I am about to make dinner for Day 28, amazed that I have lasted this long. I am going to mostly stay on plan without reintroduction, and then indulge in a few foods on my birthday in 8 days. I considered trying to choose one or two forbidden groups to enjoy on my birthday, but let’s face it, pizza and cake both contain grains, dairy, and sugar. I can make a gluten free, dairy free cake, but I wonder if I should just enjoy the “real thing” rather than trying to make something that is closer to compliant and might not have quite the flavor or texture that I am looking forward to. Mostly, I can’t believe that I have slayed the Sugar Dragon. This week with all the cloudy days I have had some difficulty getting through the afternoons, when my old habit was to seek a sugary snack for energy to get me through to dinner time. I think I am looking forward to weighing as much as I am looking forward to indulging my craving for pizza. I hope you all are safe and dry, and ready to head into the final stretch!
  2. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    Michele, I found myself navigating the Costco aisles on a nearly empty tank after spending Tuesday morning at school securing my classroom to the best of my ability. Luckliy, they have a compliant Polish sausage and they were sampling it. I took two then opened my cherry tomatoes as soon as I got to the car. My focus in hurricane prep this time around was on protein. It was interesting to see the food choices people were making in the face of a potential disaster. I was planning to cook a bunch of chicken and salmon from my freezer and eat that first after the power went out. So far, we are good, although I worry about too much rain bringing down trees this weekend, so I will do my Sunday prep and roasting a day early, or maybe tonight. I hope we are back in school by Monday, but I guess we have 24-36 hours to see if there is flooding in our district, part of which has been under mandatory evacuation since Tuesday morning. Navigating this emotional rolllercoaster without my old standby foods has been challenging. I did make some almond crusted chicken strips and had those with mashed potatoes, and I have had fruit with almost every meal. I guess if that’s my new version of stress eating, I can live with that.
  3. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    Thanks, Shannon! I remembered I had ginger juice so I had that as a shot with cinnamon. I’ve been doing that morning and night since Friday and feeling much better. As for the cauliflower rice, I guess that’s no different from zucchini noodles. However, I heated the leftover with a few raisins and cinnamon for breakfast and that started my mind running on all the ways I could make that more like oatmeal or even a custard. It’s a slippery slope. Michele, when time is tight and roasted veggies are on the menu, I start them in the microwave. Especially for sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and other hard vegetables, I’ve found I can cook it halfway in the microwave then let it cool enough to slice and toss in OO. Then I roast at a higher temp to get the browning I want on he outside. Another shortcut is to preheat your pan in the oven so veggies sear when they hit the pan. This is especially good if you use a large cast iron skillet.
  4. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    Ugh. I have allergies or a cold and I am afraid to take anything. My normal approach when I get anything like this is apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with cinnamon, ginger, and honey. Not sure I could drink it without the honey. Going to search for options after dinner, which is actually quite good: chicken, peppers, mushroom and broccoli stir fried with curry powder and finished with a squeeze of lime over a bed of riced cauliflower with coconut milk. I know the riced cauliflower is kind of frowned upon, but I’m not considering it a cheat since every bone in my body wanted to go to Golden Corral and fight my cold with comfort foods after a 10 hour work day. Day 18 is coming to a close. I can do this.
  5. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    Wow! I survived Day 12! This week has given me A LOT of opportunities to make excuses and eat something I shouldn’t. Thursday night I had just finished dinner when a storm kicked up and before I knew it, my power was out. My dinner dishes were still on the table. I took my plate to the sink and decided it was a sign, so I reported the outage then decided to go to bed early (9:30 is VERY early for me). I woke up in the dark with a dead cell phone at 5 am and got ready to go to work. The power company estimated restoration by mid day, so I dared to open the fridge quickly and get some leftovers for my lunch. I sliced a grapefruit and decided to stop for hard boiled eggs and black coffee for breakfast. After I made it to our 8:15 staff meeting I realized I had left my lunch on the kitchen counter (40 miles away). I worked through lunch then stopped before my 4:30 appointment for something from the grocery store salad bar, but by the time I got through the line, I didn’t have time to eat. Picked up my son, got him a couple slices of pizza, came home. Power still out, so I fed the cats, grabbed my lunch bag and my kid, and decided to drive 100 miles to Ikea to get some things I need for my classroom. By that time we were in a crunch to get there before closing, so I just drove. And ate a large piece of baked chicken like it was a donut - picked it up whole and just took one bite at a time - no fork. I must’ve been quite a sight! Another black coffee on the drive home. Now after 19 hours on the go and about 300 miles on my car today, I’m about to go to bed. Tomorrow we clean and get ready for school on Tuesday. Sunday morning we drive to the beach to spend a couple of days with friends. Tomorrow I get to figure out what to take to make my time there easier. I have been dieting off and on since I was 6 years old. (One diet I remember was the “You Can Do It Kids’ Diet” and they offered a fat camp for kids whose parents could afford it. Luckily mine couldn’t.) I have never been able to resist temptation like I am on this program. Our PTA president made a beautiful breakfast for us yesterday. I looked (just in case there was anything compliant), complimented and thanked her, and walked away. From bacon, sausage, grits, French toast, and cheesy scrambled eggs. Y’all, I’m a southern breakfast girl. Maybe it would’ve been harder to resist if there had been biscuits and gravy. But it was pretty easy. And today, instead of dwelling on the possibility of losing all the food in my freezer, I focused on finding the foods I needed to get through my day. I am also feeling more relaxed than I have before about school starting next week. Maybe it’s because I’m returning to the same school after getting bounced around my first few years. Maybe it’s because I am off the sugar and processed crap. I can honestly say that i could foresee living my life mostly on this plan. Just need to mix up the breakfast, because eggs are getting hard to take. I hope you are all doing well and that you sail through the weekend! Andrea
  6. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    Had my first food dream last night. I ate a bowl of gumbo and then realized afterwards that there is flour in the roux and rice in the soup. I eat gumbo occasionally, but not frequently enough to even know if there is really rice in gumbo. I did not wake up wanting gumbo, fortunately, although it would probably be easy to make a compliant version! I hope you all have a SPECTACULAR Day 7 (or Day 2 for @Hope4Overcomers)! Almost one week done!
  7. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    I had some cooked ground beef with a bit of chili powder in it. I made compliant sloppy Joe sauce and spooned it over a sweet potato. The sauce wasn’t as sweet as regular Joe sauce, but the sweet potato boosts it. Day 6 is in the books. Almost a week down!!!
  8. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    I am probably getting ahead of myself, but trying to keep the goal in sight... so... My birthday falls on day 35. I don’t have time for a proper reintroduction before my day, but I want to be able to go out for dinner and maybe enjoy some grains and a dessert. Then my son’s birthday falls 31 days after mine. (I make the cake and food for his party - don’t think I could do that then not even try it!) Then Thanksgiving a little less than 30 days, then Christmas,... I was thinking I might just stay compliant on all the days that are not special days and restart at Day 1 after each, then push reintroduction into 2019. Is that crazy? Am I going to get burned out? Or is it going to give me more time to reinforce good habits? I am on this plan to slay the sugar dragon, reduce inflammation, eliminate emotional /compulsive eating, and lose a lot of weight. Has anyone else done back to back, either intentionally or because of slip-ups near the end?
  9. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    @HoustonLiving, have you considered just an egg white or some nuts and carrot or apple slices before your workout? @Michele B., I checked out the book from heather library. When I realized I’m going to be using it in the kitchen a lot, I decided to buy my own copy. I don’t want to get mayo on the library’s copy! @Hope4Overcomers, I have a sugar dragon too. I mostly cut sugar a couple of weeks before starting the plan, and can’t imagine if I had just gone cold turkey!
  10. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    I’m still here! I haven’t checked in since Tuesday, but I have been on plan. I am more tempted by the idea of weighing or taking my measurements than by foods. I have realized there are just vast sections of the grocery store that I can avoid altogether. Today was the second day back for teachers. I spent two days mostly in meetings, although today was a music teachers’ workshop, so we did lots of singing and dancing. I was away from home for 15 hours yesterday, getting home at 10 pm and then making dinner out of tuna salad and coleslaw. Tonight I was home at a reasonable hour and cooked a steak and some rainbow chard with shallots, toasted almonds, and apple cider vinegar. I have been so tired these last couple of days, so I decided to try coffee. I usually like my coffee with a few tablespoons of whole milk and a little honey or stevia, so plain coffee was sort of unappealing. I used my French press and put about a teaspoon of cinnamon in with the coffee, then finished it with some coconut milk. It worked, but was not my favorite. My son has been with his dad since I started on the plan. He is coming back this weekend and I am starting to worry a little about making compliant meals that he will eat (he’s 8). But I have one more week before school starts to get the planning and menu figured out. I hope you all are doing well! Andrea
  11. AndreaF

    Starting Today!!

    We have a group “Starting August 20.” Would you like to join us?
  12. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    How did everybody’s first day go? Is anyone else following the 7 day meal plan? I’m a teacher on my last few days of vacation, so I was able to make my frittata this morning. I had a meeting at church from 6:00-8:30 pm. I was annoyed that they scheduled it at dinner time, but a lot of participants are retirees, so I figured it was after their dinner time so I had a late lunch to prepare myself for a late dinner. I got there to find tables set and a spread of pizza and salad and a mountain of cookies. I didn’t even have salad or grapes since I didn’t have any protein or fat to go with it. It was late when I got home and I hadn’t made spaghetti squash yesterday so instead I spiralized some summer squash and sautéed it with salt and pepper and ate that with my meat sauce. I may never want pasta again! That was so good. Now I really want some fruit and I’m trying to fight it, but if I let my dinner settle and I’m still hungry, I may have a few cherries and cashews. I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home and found that they have single serve cups of apricots and almonds. I bought a package to keep one with me at all times in case I don’t have access to real foods. I may also buy some jars of baby food to keep at school. I carried baby food with me in grad school to boost my veggie consumption. People look at you strangely, but if it’s between weird looks and starting the plan over again, I’ll take the looks, thank you! I feel optimistic and in control today. I hope your Day 1 went well, and wish you strength and the resolve to do this for yourself as we head into Day 2! Peace! Andrea
  13. AndreaF

    Starting August 20!

    I’m in for an August 20 start. I’ve been making excuses since January. No more excuses!