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  1. I'm the same - not feeling great at day 16 - but was feeling great a few days ago. I'm committed but I get defeated when I see the bags under my eyes. Mona
  2. I will search for more info about why I would be getting these circles under my eyes.
  3. Hello - Did you find any reason for the bags under your eyes? I'm on day 16 and I have bags under my eyes for the first time in my life (I'm 51). I'm concerned. I'm sleeping fine and eating good meals. Would love to know if you figured out the cause of them. Thanks, Mona
  4. I'm on day 16. The first 10 day were tough - but I am feeling fine and fully on board. But yesterday I noticed these bags under my eyes. It makes me concerned!! Hey Diane - did yours go away?? Anyone else? Thanks! Mona
  5. Mkoj

    I started Yesterday

    Yesterday was pretty easy - but I've given up some of these things before and I know it will prove difficult in a day or two. But - I am committed. I've never given up grain (although I am gluten-free). I'm quite concerned that I will have chocolate and 'toast' (gf) cravings that may turn me into a nail-biter. Thanks, Mona