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  1. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    We did it! How did it end up for everyone?? I know it's not about this at all, but I was curious since I had just done a body scan at the gym in August so I did one today. I lost 8# - 6 of that being fat, and 2% of my overall body fat percentage. Really happy with that and all of the other NSVs along the way! Congratulations everyone!
  2. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Can't believe we have less than a week to go!
  3. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    @Wasabibuzz I am definitely planning on trying to stick to mostly compliant foods with the exception of adding back grains (assuming they don't make me feel horrible when reintroduced). I'm going to try to hold off on alcohol until special occasions, because now that I've been through a ton of social situations without it, I realize I don't necessarily need it. I do feel a lot better in general and would like to continue feeling this way. Basically going to ACTUALLY do everything in moderation, aka not binge on sweets when I see them. Now I know my body can function without them and I won't die if I see a cookie and don't eat it One thing I'm definitely going to do is not buy anything with added sugar except for maybe bacon, which I eat infrequently. Until I did Whole30, I never realized all the things that sugar was added to!
  4. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    So far my favorite recipes we've made are the brisket from the Whole30 book and this egg casserole:
  5. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Weekend was ok - my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice seafood restaurant on Saturday. We ordered an appetizer that had no mention of cream/cheese or anything but when they brought it out, that's what they had. So that was a bummer and we didn't realize it until we ate it. Other than that, the restaurant was really good at working with us to do no sauce, saute everything in EVOO, and switch out sides. We also went to a movie Friday night and resisted the popcorn/soda! I did notice that I got little to no sleep Thursday night, was exhausted Friday morning, but then I had a lot of energy the rest of the day. I am guessing it's from this, so that was encouraging!
  6. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Hope everyone is doing well on day 11! For the first day ever, I haven’t been/don’t feel like snacking. But I’m pretty sure that’s because I got next to no sleep last night and am working at home instead of getting the bored munchies at the office.
  7. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    @Readyfor30! you can do this! Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the hardest days motivation wise. Just remember what you're doing this for! And aren't alone, I passed a potluck this afternoon and was practically drooling at all the things I can't have. I just figure if I've already made it this far, might as well keep going!
  8. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    I'm with you, I feel huge. And frustrated by that...but it is apparently normal as per the timeline. I would kill for a latte right now. There's a Starbucks in the bottom of my office building and it's so tempting!
  9. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    agreed, I think I spent 8 hours in the kitchen yesterday. We only had time to prep a breakfast casserole + 1 meal last weekend, so we had to cook Monday and Tuesday after work and I was over I tried to prepare better this week by doing more Sunday. But I'm over that too haha - I think we ran our dishwasher twice yesterday. Either way, prepared for week 2!
  10. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    I stayed on track this weekend but still feel guilty. We made a couple Whole30 friendly recipes to take tailgating (buffalo chicken dip and potato skins) since we knew we would be surrounded by super tempting food. So that was a plus...but the part I feel guilty about is that I still overate and still dug into the chicken dip like it was going to run away from me...I couldn’t stop! So basically same habits but Whole30 compliant...I need to just move on, but I’m mad at myself.
  11. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    That is my issue as well, I'm breezing through the week but know the weekend will be hard. I have no idea what I'm going to do to distract myself.
  12. britt1229

    Starting today

    I started on Monday also! There is a larger chain for this if you want to hop on:
  13. britt1229

    Starting off - not feeling awful

    I'm on day 3 and so far haven't felt anything either other than being tired, which isn't very out of the ordinary for me, and a little bit of stomach issues. I don't know what your diet is like normally but other than cutting out grains and the 4 oz of milk I put in my coffee every morning, this isn't abnormal weekday eating for me minus the timing - I usually have smaller meals + snacks. The weekend eating on the other hand....haha.
  14. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Hey - sorry, I don't think I understood your post! What types of food would you suggest keeping at my desk/on hand at home in case of emergency?
  15. britt1229

    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    Just wanted to say that something that has really helped me so far and will continue to is to bring a giant bag of snacks to keep in my desk at work. I made one up for my husband and myself. This also helped this morning when I realized I didn't have any fat earlier at breakfast. I put in small baggies of almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds, those serving size packets of almond butter from Justins, a couple jerky sticks, and a couple kids Rx bars. I'm not planning on digging into this unless absolutely necessary, but I wanted to be prepared rather than go to the Starbucks in the bottom of my building like usual if I am starving.