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  1. Hi I’ve done whole30 many times over the past couple years and lost a ton of weight after my second baby while nursing (started it when my baby was 6mths). I just had my third (and final!) baby and kept paleo 80/20 for most of the pregnancy, but still managed to gain a lot of weight again (I have had issues that retain weight during pregnancy). I started whole30 when the baby was two weeks old and I’ve been on it consistently for 50 days. I first lost 9 lbs, but it seems to go up and down and as of today I’m actually up 2 lbs from the 9 I originally lost! I’m very frustrated. I nurse exclusively and I know this diet isn’t just for weight loss, but obviously it’s a big motivator for many people, definitely for me. I have about 45lbs to lose and with my first two babies I lost it in 9mths. I’m depressed and embarrassed about the way I look, despite valid efforts I still managed to gain a ton of weight during pregnancy again! Any tips would be greatly appreciated- I don’t want my milk supply to plummet, but I’m desperate to at the very least see the scale go down not up! Thanks very much
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    Not losing weight

    Thank you so much for these very helpful suggestions! I’ve done whole30 10xs in the span of 3 years and I think I may have gotten stuck in my ways a bit, these ideas are great! I especially never tried it this soon after having a baby so I don’t know exactly how to adjust for nursing a newborn. Thank you for taking the time to teach me, I really appreciate it and I will definitely try these tips right away. Ultimately I want to lose weight, but it’s hard to deny how great this way of eating makes most people feel, so for now I’ll focus on that. Thank you again
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    Not losing weight

    Thank you for all your kind words and much needed positive reminders! Just a little more info- yes my baby is 2mths old, I gained 70lbs with this pregnancy and lost 25 of it so far. With my other pregnancies I gained 90 and 80 so 70 is a bit of a win believe it or not! I do not pregnant well and have a lot of issues, which is partly why I gain so much weight, but again I’ve lost it quickly with the other two (my last baby I lost an extra 8lbs just because I wanted to prove to myself I could). A typical day of eating would be: breakfast: 2eggs, spinach and potatoes, snack: apple and almonds (about a handful), lunch: grilled chicken, mescaline lettuce, tomatoes and avocado with oil and vinegar, snack: Lara bar (compliant ingredients) and coconut water, dinner: salmon, broccoli and carrots, an orange. Sometimes I eat more snacks during the day, I’m trying to limit this but again I’m nursing a 2mth old exclusively so I’m trying to keep my supply in tact. I had a c sect (my 3rd) so I only just got the ok from dr to exercise, but I’m fairly active because of the 5 and 2 year olds I have! I’d really appreciate any and all suggestions- I’m very uncomfortable being overweight and obviously extremely unpatient! I’m worried that I won’t lose weight on whole30 because I’ve done it so many times already and maybe my body is too used to it(?). I don’t know I’m trying my best and it doesn’t seem to be enough. Thank you