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  1. Si15

    Day 23

    Thanks for getting back to me @slc_melissa really appreciate it. To be honest after @laura_juggles and SugarcubeOD advice it felt like Whole30 wasn't for me. Obviously health is a field where there's much to learn, as far as I know there's no studies on eating more than 5 eggs a day but that doesn't mean there aren't concerns (that haven't been debunked). Suggesting eating 12 eggs a day feels irresponsible to me. Cholesterol aside, there are links to breast cancer and other very serious issues. Anyway after feeling uncharacteristically depressed from days 21 onwards, I ate a falafel roll and was feeling much less down within a couple of hours. I was really hoping W30 could help to ease the inflammation around my osteoporosis. Sadly, I don't think it's for me but wanted to thank you for getting back to me with a helpful response.
  2. Si15

    Day 23

    I'm not sure that eating 12 eggs a day would be recommended by many people. Laura, it would be great if I could get someone from the Whole30 team to look at my emails, Is that possible?
  3. Si15

    Day 23

    Thanks for getting back to me Laura, the smoothie isn't necessarily made in the mornings and anyway that would mean eating 3-4 eggs a daily which I don't think is advisable. Is there anyone on the Whole30 team that might be able to advise, particularly regarding the other points such as no results so far (day 23) and easing my osteoporosis? I'd really appreciate it as I'm a bit down about it, I was really hoping the W30 was for me.
  4. Si15

    Day 23

    Hi there. I'm on Day 23. I've read the book and I've been pretty good (no slips) but I'm not feeling any positive results yet and as I've only got a week to go I'd love some advice on what I might be doing wrong. My clothes are no looser, I feel really tired and while I didn't have anything too harsh in the earlier on, for the past two days I've felt unusually CRANKY AT EVERYTHING and a bit down. I'd love to lose around 5kgs but the main motivation for doing W30 was the hope it might ease the osteoporosis in my foot but if anything, it's worse. I really miss sourdough and brown rice. I'm 5"6 / 64kgs and do regular yoga, cycling and walking. This is an average W30 day for me. B: Smoothie with banana/flaxseed/almond milk/lots of greens/carrot/apple/a couple of dates to sweeten (don't have time in the mornings for anything other than a smoothie unfortunately). L: Roast chicken and veg with greens and chestnuts S: nuts and a Nakd bar D: Jacket potato with salad and two eggs or fish (I don't eat red meat). Fruit to finish My serving are pretty big, I'm eating a lot of potatoes to ward off the bread/rice longings. I get that the smoothie is not ideal and that I'm relying too much on dates/nuts/nakd bars but is there anything else I'm doing wrong? Am I just not right for W30 and what is your advice re: osteoporosis? Be wonderful to hear your feedback. Thank you Si