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  1. BatyaChavaGeee

    Starting Oct 1

    I'm also starting on October 1st! Mostly because it's a Monday and Monday is for starting things, and so is the first of the month. Also my birthday is on the 27th, and my boyfriend's already planned tacos and beer. I lost 60 pounds almost two years ago now by starting to exercise consistently and tracking my macros. I'm happy with my weight now, but I feel like my athletic performance has stalled lately. Everyone says "have you tried cleaning up your diet? You should go paleo, dude." (It's CrossFit, we all call each other, "dude".) I'm also kind of at my wits end with my mental health. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II a while back, and we've yet to find any medication that makes much of a difference. Exercising regularly made a dramatic difference in evening out my mood, but now whatever benefit I gained from that has levelled off. And it's not good enough, even if it's better than it was before because I'm still cycling and it's still really holding me back in my career, and relationships, and as a mother... Maybe it's the dairy. Though, to be honest, I'll be a little pissed if I've been suffering for all these years and the solution was to stop eating greek yogurt. I starting preparing a couple weeks ago, fo I've already starting sticking up on compliant panty item and have dozen upon dozens of recipes bookmarked. I've convinced my parents to join me and told my son he has no choice. Ten more days!
  2. BatyaChavaGeee

    Tea additives

    Boo-urns. No Stash Black Forest tea for me, I guess. Still better than the soy I found in some of my teas.
  3. BatyaChavaGeee

    Tea additives

    How do we feel about "vanilla extract" in herbal or black tea? As I understand it, normal vanilla extract is out because it has alcohol, but this is clearly dry, so it has no alcohol, right?