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  1. LucyLovely

    Starting September 20!

    Thanks for the mayo tips! I will have to check out Home Goods and Marshalls. I always forget about them. I do love artichokes and olives! I'll let you know how my next batch of mayo turns out.
  2. LucyLovely

    Starting September 20!

    So, day 6 is done, and overall I feel pretty good. Except....... constipation! Yuck!!! I think I need to be adding a little more fat to my meals, so I will try that tomorrow. How is everyone else doing
  3. LucyLovely

    Special Sauce for Burgers

    Doesn't relish have sugar in it? Or do you make your own?
  4. LucyLovely

    starting out

    There are a few of us in the thread Titled Starting Sept. 2oth. You might find your start date with other people in the Forum Join the Whole30. If not, you are more than welcome to join ours. Good Luck!
  5. LucyLovely

    starting out

    Hi Debbie! I just started on the 20th! I don't have any suggestions yet, this is my first Whole 30! I did buy the Whole30 book, which explains the whole thing, and has awesome tips for cooking and some great recipes. I also bought the Day to Day book which is good because it helps with what you might be experiencing day by day, and is a journal too. You don't really need to get any of the books, all the info is here on the website, but they are really helpful.
  6. LucyLovely

    Starting September 20!

    Things have been going somewhat good for me, except for shopping with my husband. He has to point out all the pumpkin flavored stuff to me. Grrrrrr! Yesterday for about 2 hours I was super drained of energy, but bounced back. Unfortunately I have an intolerance to dry mustard powder, which I forgot about, and I made the mayonnaise. I was so uncomfortable on Friday evening with a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. I found a different recipe that I am going to try. I made the Banger Sausage and Sweet Potato Mash with Carmelized Onions from the Whole30 book. OMG SO GOOD!!! I made extra sausage and froze them. Hope everyone is doing well!!!
  7. LucyLovely

    Struggling to Make Mayo

    So glad to see you can use prepared mustard. It's strange, but I have an intolerance to dry mustard but not prepared. Weird. I forgot and now my throat is sore.
  8. LucyLovely

    Starting September 20!

    Hi all! I am starting Whole30 on Thursday, September 20th. I know that's a random day to start, but I start a fitness challenge Wednesday night, and want the Whole30 to along with it. Plus I have Wednesday off so I will have the day to prepare. Good luck on your journey everyone!