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  1. Kmac1227

    Hair loss from day 10. Is this common?

    Im on day 26 and today after my shower I noticed suddenly a ton of hair started coming out. Thats why I turned on the forum today to see if this is common. Curious if you went to the dr?
  2. Kmac1227

    Chicken broth...

    Thanks, My kids have been super sick for over a week and I just proof read what I wrote...its KNORR bio boullion It's amazing that everything in a box has soy/sugar/etc in it. Plus many times I have to translate from Greek and that's not always easy. I've just been emptying the fridge of all veggies and cooking basically the same thing. Im on day 26 so not much longer but I am thinking of continuing simply because Im not seeing a whole lot of improvement. My emotions are still of the charts and I don't feel any lighter. I think I have some fog lift but I am soooo foggy its hard to tell. Thanks for the suggestions, If i keep going I"ll try to spice things up...:)
  3. Kmac1227

    Chicken broth...

    I’m getting bored. Most recipes call for coconut aminos, chicken broth, or cilantro...I live in Greece. Coconut aminos don’t exist neither does cilantro. We also don’t have chicken broth only boullion cubes and I’m not going to make my own broth. Does anyone know if know bio (organic) is compliant? I’m on day 19 and think I need to go longer (as I don’t feel any major improvements). I am sick of the same couple of foods as I don’t want to make a fuss I already cook enough. Thanks
  4. Kmac1227

    Am I still compliant?

    Thanks! I actually had one last night and I feel ok on to day 12!
  5. I think I have a problem with white potatoes. If I eat them again and they give me heartburn for 2 days like last time, am I still compliant? Seems like I will have caused inflamaation through out my body again... thanks for any input!
  6. Kmac1227

    confused on rules

    Thanks for the info! I printed that and the shopping list. That will help alot
  7. I read whole 30 and wanted to do it but didn't do a whole lot of planning. Three days ago I decided to try my coffee black. I drank it so my journey began...crazy i know but that how I tend to do everything. Question: How often am I supposed to eat? Do I only eat when I'm hungry or is there a "plan" ? I found myself snacking on grapes when I wasnt hungry and figured I was craving so I stopped. Also: the plate: almost all veggies, some protein and some good fat. What else besides avacado? and if you cook with a good fat do you still include it in the plate? Thanks for your advice!
  8. Kmac1227

    Day far so good

    OMG! I think I am having the opposite effect of everyone else...I am gluten intolerant and I am doing this program because I assume I have inadvertently been glutening myself. I weight has been skyrocketing, I am so bloated, my joints are agonizing so I need to "start new". Day 1 was fine, only a little sugar craving. Day 2, i went between exhausted to crazy energy. This morning...almost no pain in my joints!!! I actually got out of bed without looking like I was 90. My mood is decent (usually im a crazed lunatic) and I am focused (usually total brain fog) and I feel like cleaning my house! I definately feel like I am a little less bloated (not completely gone, but less). I actually like my coffee black now (usually milk and a touch of sugar so it isn't a drastic change.) BUT, usually after my coffee i am more tired than before, not these last two days! Thank you Whole30...right now I want to shoot for Whole60---we'll see
  9. Kmac1227

    Day2 whole 30 first time

    I just finished my R1D2 . Caught myself grazing on grapes in the kitchen...I was definately so tired that I had to lie down but then I would get a burst of energy...Drank alot more water than i normally do, which is a good thing. As for food, I actually felt fuller than before...weird.