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  1. Week 2 I am happy to confirm that the same thing happens to me than to many other Whole30ers. This week my article of support has been this: I thought this time I would not have "dreams", but just today I woke up and a beautiful puff pastry filled with a very attractive strawberry cream was still in my mind ... My digestive system is in that difficult phase of adjustment, my belly has behaved as if I had an "alien" inside: unusual noises and movements ... but it happened to me once before. And now I decided to listen to the "enough is enough
  2. It's being difficult ... but in an enriching way I'm frequently reading this post... I like it a lot - And then I read this one too: - (I always laugh at the beginning with the title banner... ) I think it's being a good Lent for me Thanks for asking
  3. I'll correct: I thought this would be easier, but, fortunately, no... and that's great
  4. Week 1 I thought this would be easier, but, unfortunately, no. I stick to the rules, but not to the recommendations: too much fruit, four or five meals per day, and some snacks. Wednesday was my birthday and we found a suitable place for my birthday dinner. I asked all about my food, but I ended up looking at my plate and thinking if they would tell the truth or not. NSV: I'm not a cook person, but I realize how good I feel when I cook something healthy. I love making my homemade mayonnaise, then, when anxiety appears, I put some mayo on a carrot. It was a nice first week
  5. Wow!!!... how well prepared you are!!! You are ahead of me... I only have some boiled eggs in the fridge, and homemade mayonnaise. It looks like you will do a great Whole30 I'll keep in touch
  6. It's true @BabyBear!!, I know, it will be a present. I'm happy waiting on Wednesday ... and I started last week with a Whole30-ish meals style
  7. And I'm realizing that Ash Wednesday its my birthday too
  8. I'll do the same. It will be my third round. Lets do it!!! If this is your first time, you may want to start a few days before ... During my first round I had to restart 3 times ... inexperience
  9. I'm from Mexico, I´ll start my WholeLent on Ash Wednesday. It will be my third round
  10. Thank you... Now than I know it could be normal, I feel relieved... I'll try to review my eggs and fruit intake