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  1. Azul Marino

    Starting Tomorrow!

    Congratulations!!! I've just finished my Whole30... and this forum has been my constant company and lifesaver Whole30 has been for me a great self discovering journey Here my most used links: - - (I restarted three times... it was my learning first week) - (I always laugh at the beginning with the title banner... and deep breath at the end) - and my favorite forum: - So... Enjoy your adventure!!!
  2. Azul Marino

    New and doing Whole30 in Mexico

    I'm finishing (today is my Day 30 or 37 since my first try) .... after my first learning week (I restarted three times in seven days), I've followed the rules (100%)... and some recomendations (40%) I realize now the purpose of the recomendations... through this process it has been natural to me eat less fruit, smaller portions of food (at the beginning I was eating a lot of everything)... less meals... I can't believe how little I need to have steady energy (no lows and highs), no hunger and a nice peaceful relation with the food. Now I feel a little nervous about the reintroduction
  3. Azul Marino

    New and doing Whole30 in Mexico

    Thanks I've restarted three times.. I'm thinking of those days as my learning week Now I'm on day 18 .... and feeling great
  4. Azul Marino

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    Thank you... Now than I know it could be normal, I feel relieved... I'll try to review my eggs and fruit intake
  5. Azul Marino

    Starting tomorrow

    Hi Kate... I'll start with you :) ... I actually started on Friday... but yesterday I discovered my raisins had added sugar ... so I'm restarting today... Let's finish this challenge!!!
  6. Azul Marino

    Restart Tomorrow

    I know the feeling. I read my raisins' label on Day 3... they have sugar added!!! Restarting today
  7. Azul Marino

    New and doing Whole30 in Mexico

    I'm 49 years old, overweight ... I want to get to my 50th birthday in better shape I started my first Whole30, two days ago... but I just discovered that my raisins have sugar added Apart from this, the rules had not been a problem for me. Although the recommendations had cost me a bit Anyway, I'm happily restarting tomorrow.