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  1. My house was devastated, border line uninhabitable. That first night all I could reach in my home to eat was a bag of pork rinds and a box of pop tarts. So needless to say as soon as I put my life back together I'll be starting over. Although I'm mostly shopping W30 compliant it's not a priority at the moment. I'll be back soon and will be looking for all your great support. Yeah,,, water heater fell out of it's closet. Multiple broken windows. Toilet fell over, broke the bolts right out of the floor. Multiple broken water and drain pipes, and my front door buckled when the house shifted.
  2. goingthissolo

    Day 26 and stoked

    Yeah I didn't do the reintroduction correctly and when the pain returned I had no idea which food caused it. My 30 days were up on 11-13 now 11days later the pain has come back with a vengeance. I'm starting the W30 again tomorrow. Do you all think I'll need to do the entire 30 days or just until the pain subsides?
  3. I didn't log correctly or reintroduce correctly. YEAH chronic pain returned. Do I start over or can I do a reset? Like ,,, do I reset until the pain goes away again and try to reintroduce and log my poisons better so I know what brought it back on. Stupid Holidays, Stupid me!
  4. goingthissolo

    Day 26 and stoked

    I feel great for the first time in over a decade. No other fad diet worked. I've been trying to lose the weight I put on with comfort food after my wife passed away in '04'. So 14 years of a diet roller coaster. Then a new doctor that I decided to try said that my stomach condition sounded like an intolerance to something and she recommended the W30 plan. I went out that day and purchased the Whole30 Book, which I refer to as my "food bible". I'm telling every one about it. Now starts soon, the reintroduction phase. I don't know that I'm even going change that much from the whole30 plan, what I will do though is now take the time to try some of the recipes. It was so hard for me to do this at first that I just stuck to basics but now I feel as if a whole new world of food has opened up for me . 4 more days. I actually feel better for the way my self control was so easy to manage once I realized the benefits of living pain free. Thanks every one for all that you do.
  5. I loaned my girl friend my W30 bible and just wanting some different explanations on what I'm supposed to feel when I'm experiencing "Tiger blood".
  6. I'm also on day 25 and have similar feelings. Not doing the laundry,dishes or even paying the bills. Just working this Whole30. And to tell you the truth to do this takes every thing I got. I'm totally exhausted every single night after work. I think it's because I had such a sweet tooth that I'm still adjusting to NO SUGAR. This is really a test of self control than any thing else.But you and I almost through this. Just 5 more days. My re-introduction I imagine will also be a drawn out process,,, so the first thing I'm reintroducing is the Wine. Good Luck to you. I did this because of a chronic intestinal issue which I'm happy to say is gone. I hope you're finding all this worth it.
  7. goingthissolo

    Re-Introducing Wine

    SO.... What happened? I'm about to start my reintroduction phase in six days and was also going to start with a white zinfandel. Curious how your reintroduction went, please share with us.
  8. Another tough weekend started with going to see a friends band play. Too much food and drink and every one saying know will know but me that I cheated. Then my girl friend came over in a mood to drink... and she is use to getting what she wants. And Then the dog has to have his say because he is use to me cooking something delicious and poisonous. So it turns out I am the "party pooper" Funny I disappointed every one but myself. Gaining a lot of self control, not that I have a choice if I don't want to have to start this over... DAY 23 and proud of myself.
  9. You are so awesome. Thank you.
  10. I have 5 Things I would like to add to my program but they have things in them that I'm not sure of because they were not listed in the W30 book. 1. Tapioca Starch and Rice Starch in canned Chicken Breast. 2. Pyrophosphate in canned Tuna. 3. Organic Expeller Pressed Soy Oil in Mayonnaise. 4. Soy Bean Oil in Crisco. The book spoke of soy bean products but I was wondering about the extracts. 5. Asorbic Acid in Apple Sauce. Thank You All, so far for all the support.
  11. goingthissolo

    can't stop cheating

    When my wife passed away, food was the only thing that made me happy. So don't feel bad. I put on 65lbs in four months, that's weigh's as much as a bag of cement. Just keep starting over until you get it right. It's been 14 years since she died and I've probably started over 14 times or more. Then the pain set in and I started the Whole30 at my Dr's. request.. Finally think this time it will work.. Pain is a good motivator. Good Luck to you.
  12. I think I just really missed my usual week end routine, Pizza ,beer, chips, fast food, store bought desserts and vanilla coke with ice cream. Any thing wrapped in a tortilla. Donuts with the morning coffee and paper. I felt tested all week end and I'm just cranky today. I'll get over it. Here's to next week end.
  13. Day 17,, CRANKY. Just finished my week end off. Hungry the whole time, this was my second week end off the first one wasn't this bad so I thought I had this. Came to work today to a bake sale. UGH!!! Hating the world today, good times...Still,,, Life's Better When You're Pain Free. Wondering where my weight is at? If it wasn't for all the temptations I'd probably feel great.
  14. Today is day 12 and I feel better than I have so far. So this may have a happy ending after all. Thanks to the good advice from ShannonM816 I'm starting to get every thing dialed in better. So for all you out there at this stage try to stay with it. Life's better when you're pain free,,, living it.
  15. goingthissolo

    On day 10 and depressed

    Day12 and starting to feel better. You right again my portion sizes are off and too many fruits and my protein levels are to small too. Thanks for all your good advice. I read all this I think in the Whole 30 book but when some one else tells me it seem to stick better in my mind. I just read your other reply too. Yeah plantains seem to be a lot of work. How would one go about cooking them though?