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  1. goingonwhole30

    Day 1 Nov 4th

    Day 12! Feeling great! Sleeping throughout the night! Waking up refreshed with energy throughout the day! Its going great. Question though... Now that I have been eating my breakfast first thing in the morning, I am getting hungry by 11 (I eat breakfast at 6ish). I use to eat my lunch at 12:30/1 but it never feels like I can make it that long. Should I be eating earlier or should I incorporate a small snack to tide me over? Or maybe I should be eating more breakfast?! Not sure what the best solution is.
  2. goingonwhole30

    Day 1 Nov 4th

    Day 3 and 4 have been so sleepy. Took a nap yesterday. Slept from 10-6, and fell asleep reading again today. It’s 5 and I feel like I could go to bed! Doesn’t help that it’s dark out at this time. Can’t wait to get past this for sure!
  3. goingonwhole30

    Starting Saturday, November 3rd

    I usually make a breakfast casserole and eat it throughout the week! Loaded with potatoes, sausage, eggs, veggies, and olives! So good! Weekends I try to get more creative and make sweet potato skillets or sweet potato toast or something different, but I usually dont get bored of eggs!
  4. goingonwhole30

    Day 1 Nov 4th

    Have you ever tried Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy tea!? It’s amazing that it is all natural flavors! Comes in caffeinated and decaf! Another great herbal is Bengal Spice from Celestial. I’m a sucker for the strong flavors and spiciness! I’ll definitely check out the licorice! Sounds wonderful! -Z
  5. goingonwhole30

    Monday, Nov 5 - Starting Today! Who's with me?

    Yay! Congrats on the marathon! I'll be training this winter to run one next spring! The New York though! That's incredible! How did you do!? I started my 4th round of whole30 yesterday! Was going to start today but come Saturday brunch I was satisfied to have that be my "last meal" Happy Day 1!
  6. goingonwhole30

    Workout on lunch break, cardio after work..

    Thanks for all the feedback. Today is day 2 of my whole30 and the first day back to the office. I have been relying on caffiene because I dont get enough sleep throughout the week. I get up every weekday at 5:50, take the bus to work, and work from 7-4. My goal this whole30 is to not be reliant on caffeine and to get into a better sleep routine. I'm sure once I stop relying on caffeine I will also be able to get into a better sleep pattern. I am giving up the (protein) shakes for the whole30 and replacing them with hardboiled eggs with some sweet potato fries. Thanks for the recommendation on how to time the eating. The reason I had been eating breakfast so late was so that I wasnt hungry before working out. So my plan is to have an egg beforehand. I'm surprised that it makes that big of difference to eat the pwo immediately after, but youre saying that I should eat the pwo right after rather than just waiting to eat lunch which has protein/carbs?
  7. goingonwhole30

    Daily email?

    What meals are you making for the week!?
  8. Trying to figure out my strategy on Pre/postWO. I am pretty active and lift weights on my lunch break at work 5 days a week as well as run 3 times a week after work and usually go to yoga 2 times a week. My schedule usually consists of eating breakfast at 10, lots of caffiene, workout from 12:30-1:30, eat lunch after, eat dinner around 5:30 and then have a shake or snack after my evening activity. Any suggestions on a better schedule that follows the meal template better? i can eat earlier but I don’t know if I should have lunch before my workout, or a Pwo meal before and then eat lunch after. Or if I should eat lunch before and have protein and a carb after? Lifting is where I put in the most effort so I’m guessing that’s when I’d want to fuel before/after but then I also have to consider my evening runs. Any advice?
  9. goingonwhole30

    Day 1 Nov 4th

    Was thinking I would start on Monday but after Saturday brunch I didn’t feel like putting it off any longer. Went to the store (4-5 times), prepped the day away and started this morning! The day went great! But as I end the day I’m super tired and feel like a caffeine crash might hit me in the morning. I’m trying to focus on getting rid of my caffeine and sugar addiction this round. Drank some tea this morning but usually have loads of coffee and energy drinks. Looking forward to tomorrow’s crash!
  10. goingonwhole30

    Starting Saturday, November 3rd

    Hi Kristin! I will be starting on the 5th! I dont have as much time to shop and prep this week so I decided to use the full weekend! I'd be glad to help with accountability and some recipe swapping even if we're a couple days apart Z
  11. goingonwhole30

    Daily email?

    Yay! I'm starting on the 5th as well! This will be my 4th round hit me up if you need any recipes or advice! I might actually order the day by day as well!
  12. goingonwhole30

    Starting November 1st

    Heyoh! Happy day 1! I am starting next Monday and using the weekend to prep I'll be around if you want support or want to swap recipes! I'm documenting this round on instagram @goingonwhole30 You're doing great things!
  13. goingonwhole30

    Starting W30 #4 on November 1st

    Happy day 1! I'm going to be starting on Monday so I can plan and prep this weekend! This will be round 4 for me as well
  14. Hey everyone! I'm Z, starting my 4th whole30 next week, but doing it with only eggs and seafood (pescatarian). You can follow my instagram @goingonwhole30 to see my prep and meals and how things go on the rollercoaster of a journey Let me know if you're starting next week and we can help each other out! I've done it a few times (with all the meats) so if you want recipes or advice I'm all about having the community!