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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a lurker and first time poster. I just wanted to thank everyone for this forum. I browsed it a lot to get me through, and finished my first round of Whole30 yesterday. I thought I might write a quick post to help someone else someday. About me: I'm a mid 30's guy with a desk job and two kids. For a decade, I've eaten junk and my body is paying for it. I'm 5'8". Ten years ago, I weighed 160. On January 1, 2018, I weighted 191.8. I got motivated and started watching what I was eating and walking a fair amount, and through that I dropped about 10 pounds. Then, over a few months, I was stuck at 182 with no meaningful fluctuation. I wanted a jump start and decided to try Whole30. 30 days later, I'm 170.4, which is 11.6 pounds of loss. More importantly, I feel much better, am motivated to get where I want to be, and am dedicated to healthier eating. I'm so glad I did this. Things I did right: I stuck to the plan, eating only permitted foods, and didn't break. Things I wish I had done: I didn't exercise at all. I wish I had. Some days I just felt so tired. I should have increased fat and pushed through. What I relied on too much: I definitely ate too much fruit and, towards the end, potato. What I learned: I have self control. My body is my responsibility. Also, it turns out I enjoy cooking and I actually like most vegetables. Who knew? What now? Now I'm in the reentry phase, and I'm going to do that for myself to see if I have any hidden intolerance. Once I'm done with that - regardless of what it shows - I intend to go minimal dairy, avoid added sugars, and say no to bread for - well - foreever. Also, I'm determined to get back to 160 and reshape my body, so I'm starting a weight training and cardio plan. That's about it. Thanks!