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  1. Day 3. Still staying strong, even though the wife made chocolate cookies today. I did not have any.
  2. Day two. Feeling a bit of a low-carb hangover. I hope it doesn't last long, and I may add some more potatoes to my meals next time. Today, most of what I was having was meat and some sort of green veggies or other raw veggies. On the bright side, even two days on Whole30 is enough to get my skin feeling smoother. The seven-course French dinner tonight was compliant, as far as I was concerned. I skipped the cheese course (making it into a dried fruit course instead). The rest of the courses had compliant options.
  3. Here goes. After getting a bit squishier around the middle lately than I strictly want to be, I'm going to devote the next 30 days to getting slightly less squishy. My breakfast has been Paleo/Whole30 for a long time now (coffee, banana, hardboiled eggs), so that's not a problem at all. My problem has been lunch. As of a few days ago, I switched over my lunches to salads with some protein in them. Lots of good greens and veggies and stuff, and some chicken breast or whatever other kind of meat I can throw in. I like them and it's a good way to get some green leafy things into me.
  4. I've done this before, but fell off the wagon a while back. Now that I've got a bit more squish around the middle than I want, I'm restarting. Day 1 is today! I think I'm carrying maybe about 4 extra pounds. I want them gone by the end of the month.