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  1. charvey

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Yep, also starting on 1/2. Good luck to both of us!
  2. charvey

    Starting 1/2/2019

    So, I'm new here, and trying Whole30 for the first time. I'm 41 years old, married and have a 2.5 year old daughter. I'm at least 40 lbs overweight, and pretty much a master yo-yo dieter at this point. Former CrossFitter (pre toddler days) with a few nagging injuries, and now my extra weight isn't helping anything. I generally feel lousy and tired all the time, and yet continue to make stupid choices when it comes to nutrition. And so, working with a friend who is a nutritionist/life coach, we've decided to try the Whole 30 approach to kick start my nutrition again. I've managed to do well in nutrition challenges at the gym in the past, able to drop 15-20 lbs for a while. It's the maintenance that gets me. I get lazy and old habits creep back in. I'm looking forward to getting started in the new year on the right foot again. Good luck to all of us in '19!