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  1. Sue1356

    Day 1 completed

    This is Day 14 for me I have doing very well on the program but.. why on day 14 I am so tired? I felt full on energy on day 3 you couldn't stop me to sit down. Now my legs are dragging and Im so exhusted. Have been cooking via the whole30 cookbooks. i have to say I have never been a big meat eater nor eggs but I gotta do what I have to do to stay on the program for another 16 days. I eat eggs with veggies and compliant bacon for breakfest.. Lunches can be chicken or Turkey on lettuce with veggies and a fruit. Dinners are from the whole30 cookbooks. Im full of protein! I do have a handful of mixed unsalted nuts daily. Any reason why i am so tired? Also could use some ideas on lunches! Not much I can do about breakfast.
  2. Sue1356

    Day 3

    Im on day 3 being almost 63 thought it was going to be a lot harder to break bad habits. My natural-path Dr. recommended the whole 30 to see what is aggravating my stomach. Day 2 was tough. I felt like I woke up and never slept. Looking at what the thread of what people have said on the forum, I have to guess I am having sugar crashes. I am not sure why on night 2 I could not sleep, kept waking up. Would this have to do with the fact that no sugar carbs or dairy? I purchased 3 of Mellissa Hartwig books. Thankfully I had ingredients in my home for the first 2 days. Went to our local Whole Foods Market in NH and there are so many ingredients they dont have. I spent 2 hours in the store reading ingredients. Be nice if Whole Foods would have an aisle to suport Whole30 foods to make it easier for those on the program. Coffee is tough without anything in it ( normally take milk only ) but i did pick up a can of Coconut milk without sugar. Hoping it makes my mornings better while on the program. I picked up bullet proof coffee beans. Since this is only my 3rd day, I have to say I don't miss dairy or sweets. However pasta and bread is very difficult not to have, as I have never been a big meat eater or a fan of eggs but I am eating them. Thank goodness I can have some nuts trying to keep it at a 1/4 cup a day ( no peanuts.) I walk 15 to 20 minutes after dinner. Strange but one thing I have noticed, and maybe its me but don't feel bloated just wonder if that's too early to see any results. I like challenges, so am hoping this attitude of mine stays positive on the program.
  3. Sue1356

    Day 1 completed

    I have read that New Barn almond milk can be used in coffee is this correct? Also any recommendations for a good coffee brand? Just started this program