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  1. peglegmeg

    Starting today 1/4/19

    Nothing too crazy so far for meals. Did some browsing on Pinterest over the weekend and excited to try a few this week. Meals so far that are "noteworthy" for me personally: -Lunch Saturday: Applegate Turkey Breast lunch meet rolled up with avocado and bacon with carrots/cucumbers and an apple. Was a good lighter lunch because I knew I'd be going for a walk/jog shortly after that. -Dinner Saturday: steak along side mashed potatoes using duck fat and chicken broth, and braised kale with onion and bacon. Surprisingly delicious for a few reasons: 1) very seldom eat steak 2) never used duck fat for cooking and 3) not a huge fan of kale... but when made right! And bacon makes everything better Tonight I'm going to use up some roasted chicken before it goes bad. Doing the "Whole 30 Fast and Easy" Pork Green Chili Stew recipe. We'll see how it is with Chicken.
  2. peglegmeg

    Starting today 1/4/19

    Hi, Dehh. Happy to hear of another person starting today! This is my first go around- props to you for giving it another go. I went to the store (Sprouts) on Wednesday to get some basics that would last me a few days. The book wasn't kidding when they said to plan on spending an hour in the store (it's like they know!) but I surprisingly left feeling very motivated as opposed to overwhelmed. I have today and tomorrow morning/lunch figured out, but next task is to get meat and start preparing that for meals. Fruits and veggies are no problem for me to eat, but it's cooking meat that intimidates me, primarily because I'm a bit picky (usually just eat chicken and ground beef). Happy to be a support or virtual "high five" buddy for you. Any other folks starting today?
  3. peglegmeg

    Starting January 14th

    Best of luck as you start! I'll be 10 days ahead, as I'm starting on January 4 and will be my first time doing the program.