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  1. zesty_ruffles

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Im à little discouraged now. Had asked my bf to order me a preselected compliant salad to have after my bootcamp session last night but they were closed. So we went out as there was nothing at home. I went through the menu with a fine comb and found one item (I thought) was compliant and just asked to take out the cheese. As I finished eating, I told my boyfriend I was crazing the cheese (from the smell of his burger!!!) and he said: “but there was cheese in your pesto” i feel like such an idiot, I even listed all the ingredients in pesto out loud and totally zapped on the Parmesan :-( Its my first whole30 and I do have a feeling dairy is something that affects me so now I’m just so bummed! Exactly half way and I’m thinking I need to add two more weeks before the re-introduction because of a tiny bit of Parmesan in a incorrectly ordered dressing. Just looking for Moral support ...
  2. zesty_ruffles

    Who's starting 1/1?

    @Jihanna wow! Same happened to me today, but not a dream, at lunch! I reached for my boyfriends smoothie to try it and as soon as it hit my tongue I yelled: “Ah! It’s got yoghurt!” And ran around the corner to spit it out (sincere apologies to any passers by!) Oooops other than that glad day 13 is over. I’m generally feeling ok aside from still being very bloated and * cough* gassy every time I eat :-(
  3. zesty_ruffles

    No Poop Going on Day 9

    Thanks! This is awesome and your last bullet point made me laugh! That was me 6 days ago when I decided to have a pint of 100% organic prune juice as was at my limit! Had to Google MCT (never heard of it) but will try everything - and the water. I just have two more glasses reading/writing this.
  4. zesty_ruffles

    Constipation and bloating

    Thank you all! This is really helpful! I'll go to the supermarket and stock up on coconut oil, ghee, avos and products for the sauces recipes :-) It's true I wasn't really having any sauces, other than a drizzle of olive oil on the salad! Lets see how the next 2 days go @Heathermarie74 that coconut latte sounds dreamy! Will try that this week-end
  5. zesty_ruffles

    Constipation and bloating

    I know this is a bit late, but @Brookie53 how did you get on in the end? I'm going through the same. I would love tips on adding fat @ShannonM816 - i realise by reading a few posts i'm lacking/missing out on fat and having a lot of protein (fish, chicken) & veg but can't think how to up my fat intake. Thanks First time Whole30 Day 11
  6. zesty_ruffles

    No Poop Going on Day 9

    Same issue!! If someone finds the miracle cure pls let me know!!
  7. zesty_ruffles


    This topic is a little old but I had to research. I started whole30 (currently day 11) because I usually suffer from constipation, IBS and a lot of stomach related issues and I’m hoping to find the culprit. Week 1 I was severely constipated for 6 days and was feeling Pretty terrible. I wanted to take Fibrosol or similar but realised it was corn based and didn’t want to ruin the rest of the diet. Day 6 & 7 I took Senakot and nothing happened. Desperate, by day 9 I took 100% organic prune juice and that had a pretty instant (albeit a little intense) effect. I’m worried about the sugar though in that. Now day 11 and I’m back where I was. Stomach ache, pain, constipated. im taking probiotics in the morning and Digestive Enzymes when I remember (will try more regularly) but I’m really surprised with all the veg I’m having, I thought Whole30 would improve this, not worsen. Diet details - Breakfast: papaya, sometimes a banana, black coffee - Lunch: broccoli, tomatoes, chicken, egg, avocado salad (occasional sweet potato, strawberry and apple) - snack: occasional small hand of almonds - dinner: fish/chicken/meatballs always with veg: broccoli (most common), tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, pumpkin, spinach etc any help or suggestions and I would be super great full :-)
  8. zesty_ruffles

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Hi Everyone, My name is Elise, I'm 33 and I started on 1/1 like all of you! I'm finding it OK so far. I live in Singapore, have been cutting out gluten on and off for 2 years now and I don't have a sweet tooth (lucky me!). The hard part, like previous people have mentioned is the alcohol with friends. I've found sparkling water with lime a great substitution (for now), and in full-on party mode it looks like Gin & Tonic or Vodka Soda ;-) . I'm saving so much money at the moment hahaha (alcohol is CRAZY expensive in Singapore!) Oh and Cheese!!! I miss cheese! But now I'm starting to find things bland, or lacking flavour (i've done salads, SO MANY SALADS! Meatballs, grilled veggies/fish/chicken) but if anyone has some flavourful easy recipe suggestion I'm down! My other big concern is travelling to Vietnam in 10 days. And aside from stuffing my face on eggs and bananas at breakfast and bringing a giant packet of almonds, I have no idea how I'm going to keep the Whole30 up! Tips, thoughts, suggestions hugely appreciated. Day 10 onwards and upwards
  9. Hi Day 4 - first time Whole30-er Living in Singapore I've just spent the best part of an hour reading through old posts and I only found some references to Thailand about ingredients etc... My goal is to buy everything whole & fresh (personally it's just easier than reading labels) and cook at home; so beef, pork, fish, potatoes/sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruits and drink a TON of water. Dehydration could be an issue with 30 Degree heat, daily. Also trying to cut down coffee - might as well go for the win! I have a couple questions 1. I have issues with ACIDITY/ulcers so I'm suppose to limit fresh salad/raw vegetables (tomatoes, lemon, lime!!) my go-to lunch would be salad and I love seasoning with lemon. Any alternative easy lunch suggestions or ingredients I could use? 2. TRAVEL. I have personal trip planned to Vietnam and a Business one to Malaysia. Staying in a hotel I won't have a kitchen/self-cater option. And eating out i'm worried about MSG (i already know it gives me headaches) and RICE! What can I possible order/ask for that's Whole30 compliant? All soups and sauces will have MSG, Sugar (palm or other) In Singapore if I eat out I'm pretty sure to always be able to have an option of grilled chicken and a side of steamed veg. But not in Vietnam and other countries Thanks in Advance!! Elise