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    Jenna's Whole30#1 log

    Monday night I had a bit of a meltdown, not wanting to cook but feeling stuck not knowing how to just "eat" and be full. I ended up grazing on a few things, striking out with a W30 approved BBQ sauce, but finding luck in the end. Yesterday I noticed I wasn't as tired as I have been. Today I'm feeling gassy and bloated, but blame the brussels sprouts. W30D7 Breakfast Banana, Blueberry Muffin Luna Bar, Water Lunch Leftover Spanish Chicken & Cauliflower, Strawberries Snack Almonds Dinner Turkey Breast, shredded cabbage with W30 approved coleslaw dressing, cantaloupe, pistachios W30D8 Breakfast Banana, Apple Pie Luna Bar, Water Lunch Leftover Spanish Chicken & Cauliflower, Apple Snack Pistachios Dinner New York Strip Steak Burger, roasted balsamic carrots & Brussels sprouts W30D9 Breakfast Water, Black Tea (not my best day) Lunch Leftover NY Strip Burger, roasted balsamic carrots & brussels sprouts, apple Snack Pistachios and bare apple cinnamon chips Dinner ??? TBA
  2. jennamariebee13

    Jenna's Whole30#1 log

    Thank you for the Starbucks recommendation! I appreciate it!
  3. jennamariebee13

    Jenna's Whole30#1 log

    I actually started my Whole30 on January 1, but I'm needing a place to communicate to others participating to see if I'm in the same boat, and see if anyone else has any suggestions or recommendations! My reasons for doing a whole30 - I have a serious sugar addiction. Fountain Coke is my savior. I love chocolate cake. Sweets sweets sweets! Iced Chai Tea Lattes & Strawberry Acai refreshers are my favorites at Starbucks. Can you tell I have cravings right now? I want to try and retrain my body not to crave sweets so much, while eating healthier as well. Not a huge goal to lose weight, necessarily. I'm 5'5" 128lbs. Although I would classify myself as "skinny fat." I've had two kids, my youngest is 4.5 years old. I'll start with yesterday's meals: W30D6 Breakfast Scrambled eggs with leftover Sizzling Pork Greek Salad mix (the pork, onions and olives). (SO DELISH. I could eat this every day.) Whole grapefruit. Lunch Side of mixed greens (without dressing) at Noodles & Co while my kids made me jealous with their Mac & Cheese. Dinner Spanish Chicken & Cauliflower My biggest hurdle is the sugar cravings and the exhaustion right now. I don't drink coffee so finding a compliant caffeine source is an issue.