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  1. darrel.heidi.2018

    Any off-road motorcycle racers doing whole30?

    Thanks @SugarcubeOD
  2. My husband and I are on day 8 of whole30 and we race off-road motorcycles (cross country/hare scrambles). The races are at least 1.5 hours and could go to 3+ hours depending on the race. Anyone else do this type of racing? Any tips for pre and post snacks? We use hydration backpacks with water for the race; typically do not fuel during race but are concerned about energy now that we’ve started whole30. Race start times vary: could be anywhere from8am to 2pm. What about timing of meals/snacks if race starts at a normal meal time? Should I work backward from the race time to figure out ideal breakfast/lunch/pre-snack times? thanks!