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  1. Samantha Ribeiro


    Hey guys, So here is Brasil baru is the seed of the plant and botanically is a legume. They´re left out of Whole30 just like peanuts right? Since it contains high dosage of proteinas that could be problematic, phytates, etc.? Thanks guys!
  2. Samantha Ribeiro

    contains traces of caseinate

    So in the coconut milk powder, under ingredients there is only 100% coconut milk powder. Then under the nutritional chart, it says, gluten free and under it, it says: contains traces of caseinate. Whats the rule for when it´s not on the ingredients? When it says it constains traces of something?
  3. Samantha Ribeiro

    Sunflower protein powder

    This particular one i found here in Brazil. It´s only sunflower seed, but i agree that we should eat our food and not drink it! Especially when on Whole30 reset! Thanks girls!
  4. Samantha Ribeiro

    Sunflower protein powder

    So people are asking me if they can have sunflower protein powder shake? Its from protein extract from the sunflower seed raw. Or during whole30 should we just not have any powder meal?
  5. Samantha Ribeiro

    Pre workout near lunch time

    It´s dificult to understand it know. Because on the post workout meal, he even says to eat a fruit salad. Can´t really understand why eat carbs on pre workout since the body doesn´t need it for fuel. Do you have anything more on it? Why did it change?
  6. Samantha Ribeiro

    Pre workout near lunch time

    Shannon, has the guidelines changed for the pre and post workout, because on the meal template it´s still protein and fat pre and in that article it´s carbs on pre.
  7. I was wondering about this article myself. so has it changed?
  8. Samantha Ribeiro

    Protein (beef fat)

    Thbks @erinj that's what i thought. So the best thing to do is live it out when we don't know the source of ir right? Thanks
  9. Samantha Ribeiro

    Protein (beef fat)

    Hey guys So my doubt is, when the beef or whatever source of protein isn't grass-fed. Is it safe to eat the fat? I remember that i read somewhere that said when you don't know the origin you should eliminate all the visible fat.
  10. Samantha Ribeiro

    Tired after sugar

    Thanks. That makes sense!!!
  11. Samantha Ribeiro

    Tired after sugar

    Hey!! So this weekend i had a piece of cake on saturday and on sunday a cappuccino with nutella. On monday i was completely tired!!! Why does sugar and carbs make me tired now? And for people who arent on whole30 its used as a source of energy?
  12. Samantha Ribeiro

    Relay Mountain Race

    So my friend das a Relay Race next saturday. Today she is currently on day 25 on Whole30. She´s going to wake up around 4 a.m have breakfast and then off with the team to the race. But she is only going to run probably até noon, (but she has to go early with the team). She´s going to have a second meal around 9 a.m and she was thinking about a pre-run snack around 11a.m since it´s a mountain race and her part is around 6,5 miles. Since it´s mountain she´s going to finish it around 1 hora and 20 or 30 minutos. What should she have during the race? She´s going to be on the reintroduction phase but she´s not going to reintroduce anything on the day of the race or the day before.