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  1. monita516

    Whole 30 & Alcohol

    Thank you so much for your prompt and informative response. I appreciate the fact that you were kind and not judgmental about my concerns and situation, etc. Your response was very helpful and encouraging. Have a great weekend!
  2. monita516

    Whole 30 & Alcohol

    What happens if one continues to eliminate everything that is suggested by Whole30, but decides to continue drinking alcohol (1x a week)? Obviously, I know the feedback is going to be that I 'should be concerned that I find it tougher than expected to not drink alcohol at all for JUST 30 days' - but I am being realistic here. Most of my and my husband's outings and social circles involve drinking - especially during Super Bowl weekend. A little FYI - I am on Day 5, and so far, I have found that I get pounding headaches every single night, and I am told that it is due to sugar withdrawal, so I have resorted to eating a little bit of fruit at night to subside it and avoid Tylenol. Overall, I feel less puffy and bloated without grains, and processed foods. I already knew I was allergic to gluten, but I never took it serious enough to do anything about it. Besides, this, I find that I am a little groggier in the morning so far, but I do feel more mental clarity throughout the day. The last time I drank was two days before I started the Whole30. I have not found it difficult to continue with every other rule and eliminating everything else, except the drinking part. I know Keto, Atkins, and I believe Paleo (not sure?), allow some drinking of tequila or distilled vodka, but I need to hear from Whole30 professionals what the ramifications may be if I do the same on Whole30. I have the book (I know how strict this is intended to be), I have read many inquiries about alcohol and Whole30, but I still can't seem to find an actual case of someone cheating on Whole30 with alcohol while continuing their journey without restarting to see what their results were/are. So here I am! Please share your expertise with me! Any and all positive, constructive, negative feedback and smart opinions are welcome. Thank you all in advance!