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  1. jfalvsie

    Size of your plate?

    Thank you. I appreciate the advise. I lost 27 lbs in 45 days the last time that I followed the Whole 30 plan, about 4 years ago. I just didn't transition into Whole Life properly. Last month I re-read It Starts with Food, and started following the plan on February first.
  2. jfalvsie

    Size of your plate?

    I am trying to understand the ratio of protein to vegetables. One of the recommendations in It Starts with Food is to consider a serving size of protein to be based on the size of your palm and fill the rest of the plate with vegetables. My question is what size plate are we talking about? 8 inches, 12 inches, smaller, bigger or somewhere in between. I understand that there will be some experimenting with determining how much will hold me over until the next meal and based on activity level.