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  1. Let me revise that - obviously we are eating more foods than those listed. But my point is all in all its hard to get much variety, and they always say moderate is key.
  2. Hi all, My boyfriend and I are doing the whole30 primarily to find out if any food groups that we eat are adding to headaches/bodyaches/digestive issues etc. We came from eating a pretty dang healthy diet before. An important note was we are not doing this to lose weight and in fact neither of us could afford to lose weight before starting this program... So far we have not had hardly any results (which we know is not atypical for day 19, as its a 30 day program) on the way our bodies feel. We have however, lost weight and now are both much too underweight. So yes, we know we will be told to start eating more/bigger quantities. Our issue is that honestly, we don't feel like we are eating all that healthy! In order to get enough calories in every day we have to eat an absurd amount of meat (which we know that eating too much meat, especially red meat is not healthy and linked to all sorts of diseases), potatoes and sweet potatoes everyday or our calories are way to low. To us it doesn't seem like eating the same 10 foods over and over again is healthy (eggs, nuts, meat, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, fruit (although you aren't supposed to eat to much fruit!), cauliflower, spinach, onion repeat). So basically in short we are losing weight we cannot afford to lose and don't feel like this is a healthier lifestyle for us all-in-all. We are thinking about starting the re-introductory period back in today rather than doing this for another 11 days. Everywhere besides Whole30 we have found online says your body needs two weeks for proper re-introductory of eliminated foods to work, so we are wondering really whats the harm in beginning that stage today instead?? Thank you!