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    Packet salmon-pea

    Ugh-can I have this? I don’t have anything else. Overlooked it in the store I guess.
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    Packet salmon-pea

    Thank you.
  3. Thank you! At first All I could handle was compliant applesauce. The next day I tried a hash of sweet potatoes and prosciutto with spinach (only because it’s all I had), but that didn’t sit well. After that I choked down an apple with almond butter and for dinner I sipped bone broth with ginger and cooked a plain chicken breast and plain potatoes and could only eat a very little bit. Yesterday i had a poached egg with sweet potato and spinach for breakfast, leftover cabbage roll with chicken for lunch, and Greek chicken burger with coconut Tzatziki and. Salad for dinner. I know what I should eat, the big problem is I feel nauseated at the thought of all of it. Maybe it’s just psychological? It’s just hard to get enough food when I am having a hard time stomaching it all. Before I got sick I was doing great- didn’t get any of the bad early side effects and had a lot of avocado. Now I can’t bring myself to eat any avocado.
  4. Hi, This last weekend my family was hit with a stomach bug. I had the worst of it Saturday. As hard as it was, I didn’t go off the program. Today is day 10 of the program for me and day 4 post-sickness. I still feel grossed out by almost all of the food that’s compliant, my stomach is still uneasy, and I feel pretty weak. None of this is typical for me, even after sickness. I’ve had bone broth and I take collagen peptides. I’m not doing this to lose weight, and I feel like I’ve lost too much from being sick and not being able to bring myself to eat much of the fats and meat- even when I prepare them bland. I definitely can’t handle the sauces or anything right now. Because of the sickness, some crucial foods for me are ruined (plantains, salsa, avocado). My husband is doing this with me and also got sick. He has had a hard time recovering as well, but is doing better with food. I don’t think ablong recovery is particular to this sickness because I seem to be the only one who is still really suffering from it. One last thing, I feel like my asthma is acting up as well- not sure that’s related. I don’t want to give up, but I really don’t feel healthy right now and I just want a piece of toast. Thank you!