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  1. IAmMamaBoo

    "Sugar" Reintroduction

    Prepping for the start of reintroduction and looking for input on which/what sugars to reintroduce. Not looking at eating a box of donuts or sweets, just really looking to get back to adding a little sugar to my morning coffee. Pre-Whole30 I was using Swerve and/or stevia extracts but not sure if those are the "best" types of sugars to reintroduce. Looking for advice on what others have done and would recommend. Thanks!
  2. IAmMamaBoo

    Plant-Based "Meats"

    Looking for suggestions on plant-based meat options. We are in the midst of Lent and my spouse does not eat fish so trying to find an alternative for him for meals when the rest of us are eating fish. I know impossible burger is out (pea protein) and beyond burger is out (soy). Since we are not vegetarians not sure of what other options are available at the stores. Any suggestions?
  3. IAmMamaBoo

    Pre & Post Workout

    I know there have been some discussions - and information on-line and in the books - about pre- and post-workout supplements/powders, etc. but I am having a hard time finding information specific to my situation. My workouts are in the early am, with little-to-no time to eat something before I work out. Currently I have been taking a Vega pre-workout energizer mixed with water right before I workout. I know this is not an option under Whole30 as the sugars in the mix would not be approved so I am wondering what - besides making an actual meal - is Whole30 compliant? Is there such a mix/powder that I can use pre-workout? What about post-workout?