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  1. Kate8181

    Starting March 1

    I’ve found it all easier than expected. I never let myself get hungry. I have clementines and pistachios on hand in case of any hunger pangs so I don’t crave sweets. Buffalo chicken meatballs sound great! Where did you find the recipe?
  2. Kate8181

    Starting March 1

    I too started on March 1st. First week is pretty much done!!! Congrats to all of us. I found some pesto in a jar at Whole Foods without any cheese today! This caused me major excitement. I’m definitely doing a lot more cooking than usual. I guess that’s the point. What’s everyone’s favorite recipes? I made a chicken pot pie style soup that was excellent. It’s on the blog “realfoodwithJessica”. Tonight im going to make some buffalo crockpot chicken and sweet potatoes. Share some of your favorite recipes with me:)