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    First whole 30!!

    So interesting! I'm on day 4 and I found the exact opposite. I must have been protein deficient before because I find my meals are so filling that I am barely ever hungry. I was really nervous (and still am) about cravings so I bought the Whole30 Cookbook and spent time on Sunday picking 6 recipes for the week (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners) and meal prepping. I've also been carrying around a lunch bag with me that has my 3 meals for the day since somethings I have to work late at work so at least I have food with me if I need it. And these recipes keeping me motivated because the food actually looks really tasty! Hope this helps
  2. I'm very inspired by this thread! I'm on day 4 and I JUST realized after I consumed my multi-vitamin that it's a gummy and probably packed with sugar; now after reading the package, it totally is I remembered reading that multi-vitamins were allowed on Whole30, so I didn't think twice about it. But, I think this has more of a physiological impact since it may have been feeding my very hungry sugar dragon. After reading this post, I'm definitely going to add a few more days to my plan. AND look for another multi-vitamin!
  3. AmandaKR

    Starting March 4th

    I also started this program on March 4th! I spent a lot of time last week meal planning and getting excited about the recipes (from the Whole30 Cookbook)! I also about 4 hours on Sunday meal prepping for the week which has proven to be super helpful so far. I started the program because I've been having a lot of digestion issues over the past few years and my sugar dragon has gotten WAY out of control. Hoping this will help with both! Almost 3 days done :)